Sasuke x Sakura - Wild is the Wind


Chapter 1 | In The Hot Springs 

Sakura and her best friends enjoyed each other's company in the Hot Springs very late on a Saturday night. It looked like they were having fun together. They talked mostly about boys and how hard it is to impress the guys without letting them think they mean anything special.
-Yeah, every time I looked at Naruto and he saw me, his face looked like a toad with big eyes, and it croaked loud; Ribbit-Ribbit! Each of the five girls laughed so much at Hinata's funny face. On the other side of the wall, the guys relaxed and chit chatted peacefully. Naruto and some of his closest friends talked about the 4th Ninja War, which was on the way. But when they heard that Naruto's name was mentioned, they immediately stopped their conversation to listen to the girls. Naruto really looked like a toad with big eyes and his mouth was open.
-They talk about you, Naruto, I suppose it's Lady Hinata! Choji stared at his friend with a silly smile on his face.
-Yeah, I can hear that.
-Haha, a toad face, Naruto-kun, it's so funny! Lee laughed so he barely could breathe. 
-Sheesh... what a drag! Shikamaru rolled with his eyes, he hated to talk about girls. Naruto hid himself under the water, so you only could see the top of his yellow hair and shiny blue eyes, he was totally red in his face. 
-But what Naruto do for people he cares about is amazing, and he's always so honest, brave, and good to follow his own Ninja way, that's why I love him. Hinata's cheeks blushed. 
-So, Hinata, when Naruto stares at your boobs, doesn't it really temps you to kick his ass? Ino asked her directly without blushing. 
-I... I never think he does! 
-Nah c'mon, he's a perv, just like his Master Jiraiya! Tenten pointed it out for her friend. 
-I don't care, I love him for this person he shows me, no matter what other people might think. 
-Did you heard that, Naruto, Hinata loves you, even you are a perv or not, but you are a perv! Neji could not keep his mouth closed, after Naruto had taken over his beloved Princess. 
-Don't pretend to be such a foolish arrogant guy, Neji, it does not suits you at all! Shikamaru shook his head and gave his friend a bit darker eyes, as he could see Naruto's face showed sadness. 
-Whatsoever! Neji showed no respect for his comrades, he was indifferent about their opinions. -What's' the problem, as long Hinata loves Naruto. Lee ended this conversation between those 2 guys, and no one commented it.
-Enough about me, what about you, Sakura, did you ever heard back from Sasuke-kun? 
-No, not yet, but i am sure I will someday when he's ready to come back to the Hidden Leaf. 
-But, Sakura, this guy always follows his own path, and he's in Akatsuki Organization, there's nothing you can do to change his mind. 
-Shut up, Temari! Hinata looked with angry eyes at her.                        

-It's okay, Hinata. I know he loves me. A smile showed up on Sakura's lips on a dreamy way.           
-Yeah, sorry, but I want a guy who's smart, sweet and hot!                                      -Really, then i think you should pick Shikamaru! Tenten laughed and winked at her.                               
-Why not, he's damn hot, especially when he use his Shadow no jutsu or whatever he calls it, and I'm sure he prefer a girl who can stand on her own feet and lead a whole army in a war!                                                       
-I didn't knew Temari was in love with you, Shikamaru? Gaara looked with impressed eyes at his friend.     
-Shut your mouth, Gaara! Shikamaru's eyes looked like a cat's sharp eyes. He hided his face, so his friends couldn't see he was blushing.                                      -So, what about you, Tenten, tell us about your dream guy?  
-OMG! I'm not sure to tell now.
-Oh c'mon! We all know it always have been Neji! 
-Yeah, you're right about that, Ino, I'll not deny it. 
-If you want some details about how he feels in bed, you can always ask Hinata! Ino laughed on a creepy way. 
-I... I won't tell any of you, I... just stop. 
-Never mind her, Hinata! Sakura covered over her. 
On the other side, all the guys eyes focused at Neji. 
-What? He looked at each one of them. 
-You slept with her, didn't you, Neji? 
-What if I did! Nobody of you guys owns any rights to ask me such a stupid question. Its my private life. 
-Does she have big boobs? Choji sent some teasingly eyes to Neji. 
-Shut the hell up! Naruto growled at Choji. 
-Yeah, don't talk about Lady Hinata like this, Choji! Neji's eyes showed anger and dismay. 
-She's my girlfriend you know, and if there's any of you who name her again, i'll personally fight against each one of you outside this house right here, right now, is that clear?! Naruto yelled and looked around on each one of them with eyes like Kyuubi.

-Well, I don't want to taste any of your Rasengan through my stomach! By the way, I hate to talk about girls, it makes me sooo dizzy and tired, man what a drag... sheesh! Shikamaru leaned himself back, closed his eyes, and relaxed all the best he had learned.
All the girls had heard Naruto's angry voice. Hinata showed a nervous face. 
-Gosh, he really loves you, Hinata. Sakura whispered so quiet as she could. 
-Y-Yeah! She sent a wry smile. 
-I'm so sure Sasuke-kun would do the same for me! She smiled happy. 
-Lord, she's totally freaked out with that guy! Tenten shook her head and sent some rolling eyes to Ino and Temari. A cold breeze flew among the guys. Naruto was still full of anger, and growled like a mad fox into his own corner of the pool. -I'm hungry after all this pessimistic talk. Choji raised himself and walked away. 
-Yeah me too! Shikamaru raised himself. 
-Anyone who wants to hang out on the Ramen Bar? 
-No thanks! I have some work to do. Gaara raised himself and left the bath house. 
-I must train, so Guy Sensei will be more proud of me! Lee tried to smile. 
-Always training, huh! Lee, aren't you too old to pleasure our Sensei like this? Neji stared at him with grumpy eyes. Lee breathed a heavy sigh, and also disappeared out of the Hot Springs. 
-Are you hungry Neji? Shikamaru asked him with a tired voice. 
-Not now. I have some more important things to do. 
-Like what? We all know you're dating old Lady Tsunade! Naruto snapped teeth after Neji. 
-What the hell is that suppose to mean? 
-Cut it out already, Neji! I saw you left her house for two days ago! 
-That's none of your business, mate! Neji's Byakugan began to glow. 
-Oh, so it's really true! So, do you sleep with her too? Naruto sent him an evil smile. 

-Shut your mouth! Byakugan! 

-Rasengan! Both of them raised them self in full length, and stared on one another. 
-Kage kubi shibari no jutsu! Shikamaru hold both of them in his shadow. 
-I don't want to discuss this with any of you, so be kind to leave this bath house and go home, both of you! Slowly Shikamaru slipped the grip of his two friends. 
-This is so disgusting, Neji! 
-How do I care! Neji walked away. 
-You can't go out with old Granny! Naruto yelled back. 
-Mind your own business, Naruto! Neji gave him the middle finger. 
-What was that? Naruto stared wide-eyed at Neji's finger. 
-You stole my girl, Naruto, I'll never forgive you that, not even if I wanted to fight by your side in the 4th Ninja war!

-Fuck you, Neji! Naruto turned his back to him and Shikamaru. Neji left the bath house. 
-What's that all about, Naruto? 
-I don't know, Shikamaru, I really don't know what he's into with our Hokage. Naruto shook his head slowly.
-How troublesome! Shikamaru scratched his head and walked away. Naruto only wanted to be alone for a while.The five girls was in shock on the other side. 
-But,but... I thought Neji loved me. Tenten pressed out some tears, she raised herself and ran out. 
-This is so weird! I never thought Lady Tsunade had an affair with Neji-san. Sakura blushed in her face. 
-I can't see what she wants with a kid like him! Temari gave a deep sigh. The rest of the girls broke up, and went home.15 minutes later Naruto raised himself and walked slowly out to change to his daily clothes. He decided to take a walk and spy on Tsunade's house to see if Neji really was there again.
Lady Tsunade's House

-Why do you spy on the 5th Hokage' house? That voice could only belong to one person. 
-Sasuke!? Naruto turned his head and saw into the face of his old friend. 
-What are you doing here, again? 
-Again, huh!? 
-Yeah again, Baka ya! 
-Not friendly tonight, are we? 
-Whatever! Naruto continued his spying into Tsunade's living room. 
-What are you looking at anyway? 
-That's out of your business! Sasuke glazed at Naruto, then he became more interested to see what was so damn cool about the 5th Hokage. 
-W-What the hell! Is that Neji Hyuga? 
-What the bloody hell is he doing there so late? 
-Can't you figure that out by yourself. Naruto gave a deep sigh and just wanted Sasuke to shut up his big mouth, so none of them would be discovered by Neji. 
-What the fuck... he just... no way! 
-Kissed her, yeah, and she didn't rejected him, both so full of passion, and let me guess; SAKE too. 
-That is really, I mean that's really insane! 
-Insane you think, eh... I think it's disgusting to look at! Naruto turned around and began slowly to walk away. 
-Hey, you shall see this, Naruto! Neji holds her up against the wall, and his fingers is moving fast inside and ... 
-Shut the hell up, it's enough information for me! So disgusting!
-So, Naruto, I heard you converted Hinata! 
-Shut up already! Naruto growled at him. 
-Okay, then I'll keep my mouth shut, but, have you seen Sakura-chan lately? 
-How do you care? 
-I just asked you, man, so calm down! Naruto walked so fast he could with both of his hands deep down in his pockets. 
-Something wrong? 
-Why can't you just shut up for awhile! 
-I just... 
-Shut up! 
-Why so grumpy, Naruto? 
-Where the hell have you learned to talk like a waterfall? Not cool! 
-Huh!? I just wanted to know a bit about Sakura's feelings for me, that's all. 
-Her feelings? You gave a damn care for her feelings so many times, you even tried to kill her for 3 years ago, by then, you treated her like rubbish, so why care for her now, eh!? Sasuke was out of words for a while. In the mean time they just walked out in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly Naruto took a closer look at his old friend, then he saw, how sad his face expressed itself with deep pain painted in his face. 
-So, do you really have true feelings for her this time? 
-Believe it, Naruto, I truly have this time. Naruto could not speak, he was totally ran out for words.

Chapter 2 - Old Friends

The rain poured down. 

-What now!? Naruto stopped and looked at his friend who looked very disoriented in his face. 
-What? Sasuke stopped too, but turned his back to Naruto. 
-Why don't you tell her so. 
-I can't. 
-Or you are afraid to tell! Naruto crossed his arms and looked at Sasuke with distrust in his eyes. That look of Naruto made him uneasy, but also some kind of inner guilt for all the evil he had offered Sakura through all these years.
He knew that she only tried to help him, but she did it on a wrong way, after all he never asked for her help. Sasuke came out with a deep sigh. 
-Are you now blaming Sakura again? Naruto tried to catch his eyes. 
-What's that suppose to mean? 
-Doesn't matter! 
-No, i want to know what you meant with that suspicion? 
-All right! The way you sighed at. 
-I am afraid you know me to well, Naruto-kun! 
-Do you want to know why? 
-That's because i am your friend entirely straight to your heart. Sasuke's Pupils became twice as big with wonder at his friend's choice of words. A hard lump of saliva got stuck in his throat, it gave him nausea. Sasuke fought hard with his tears. 
-Are you crying, Sasuke? Sasuke bite his lower lip, so the blood ran. It pissed him off, because Naruto knew him to well. 
-I don't know what the hell you are talking about. Sasuke´s words came like a hissing snake. 
-Just to be honest with you, Sasuke... what the hell are you still doing here? Now both of them turned around, so they stared into each others eyes, both of them with a hard glance.  

-I am not crying, you made me suffer when you started all this bullshit with your silly talk about Sakura! Naruto could see how Sasuke´s lips quivered even they were surrounded by darkness. 
-I never thought you were this weak! 

-Then show her how much you care! Sasuke stretched out his arm and hit Naruto at his chest with a flat hand. You could hear a slight crackle. A blue lightning spread across Naruto's chest. Faster than lightning Naruto turned into Kyuubi mode.  
-So you wanna fight me, Sasuke! 
-Hell yeah! But before any of them started the fight, both of them were captured by Shikamaru´s  shadow. 
-If it isn't enough, i can support with my Sand Drizzle! Gaara stood there with his arms crossed with a dark look, and he didn't smiled at all. He meant every single word he spat out. 

-Dammed, Naruto! This is second time today! Shikamaru blamed him.
-Whatsoever, it was Sasuke who brought it up! 
-Let go of me! A deep voice who belonged to Sasuke whistled after Shikamaru. 
-Behave yourself like a friend and not as an miserable enemy! Those words came with a strong voice from Gaara. 
-I am not your friend, and i never liked you, Sabaku no Gaara! 
Gaara said nothing. The gaze from his eyes told everything. Indeed he hated Sasuke too.
Thanks to "fakedeath" for this epic artwork of "Sabaku no Gaara". I Love it! =)

-Get along, guys! A bright but strong voice broke through the guys discussion.
-Stay out of this, Sakura! She stopped up and listened to the voice. 
-S-Sasuke-kun, huh!? 
-Exactly! You are still annoying, but on a more special way this time. 
Sasuke tried to calm down, he wouldn't destroy everything now. Also he knew it would be a disaster for him, if he tried to fight against all three of his friends, and as he knew, they were the best of the best. And Sakura... she became stronger and stronger... never ever he had seen a girl with such a power like hers. The 5th Hokage; Lady Tsunade, was nothing between Sakura. It scared him a bit, more than he would admit. 
A smile filled out his face. He begun to laugh, and the laugh became louder and louder. 
-Do you think it's funny, Sasuke? Naruto growled at him. Sasuke turned his head, and looked after Naruto. 
-In fact, yes! Naruto and Shikamaru was lost. With an uncomprehending gaze they glared after their old friend. Except from Gaara, as nobody could fool him. 
-Are you laughing at me? Sakura came closer to him, she wanted to take a deeper look into his eyes. 
-Don't come any closer than this, Sakura! 
-But, i just wanted to talk with you, it's been awhile, and... 
-Silly talk! All three of you guys, leave us! 
-We will, Sasuke, but if i hear just one single word, just one, you hurt her feelings or in that case tried to kill her, i'll surely hunt you down and kill you without to regret it! 
-Just leave us, NOW! 
-He's totally out of his mind. Gaara´s eyes became smaller than before. All three of the guys leaved the forest right away. 
Sakura felt her heart was beating faster and harder. She didn't knew, if she should be afraid of him... stay or leave... no, she couldn't leave, because her heart wouldn't obey her brain. 
-Always you tried to protect me... always you have forgiven me, no matter what i did to you... why, just tell me why, Sakura? 
-I- I... I always cared about you, and believed in your skills, and... i can't stop thinking of what happened to your parents... you must have been terrified... the way your brother killed them, and then i've heard, that you still are...
-Stop! I don't want to listen to all this crap, it's past for me. What my brother did was maybe wrong, but still... he did it because he loved our parents so deep inside of his heart, and so did i... i mean, i loved my parents and i loved my brother, and looked up to him, he was my hero, then i was a kid. Enough talk already! Sasuke´s eyes flamed red. His Mangekyou eyes lighted up, and he took some few steps and ended in the front of Sakura. In a split second he swung his sword against her. 
Sakura fell backwards and pushed herself backward to get away, for she knew that he showed no mercy and she certainly wouldn't survive. Sasuke had already cut her several places on the body. She knew his sword was faster than anybody else's mind.
-Never mention my childhood again! Did i expressed myself clear enough? She nodded without saying any word. She tried to take a deep look inside of his eyes. His red glowing Mangekyou eyes burned deep in her soul and wounded her deeper than those scratches that his sword had done. Sasuke stared down at her with a hard glance.
-Please, finish me off! She fought bravely not to cry this time. She could see a lightning in his eyes, it was strong, but suddenly she felt a breeze of misery and heartache in his eyes. Sakura felt a cold wind surrounded them. The rain has stopped.

Chapter 3 - Wild is the Wind

-Did you really thought that i would leave Sakura to you like this, your arrogant asshole! 
Naruto´s eyes flamed and he held Sasuke up against the same tree as Sakura with full power.
-No, Naruto! Don't involve yourself into this. Sakura heard how Naruto growled like an angry fox.
-That's out of your hands right now, Sakura! Sasuke is mine all alone and leave us! Sakura cried and left them. Naruto took a look around him to make sure only he and Sasuke was completely alone. He couldn't see anyone there. Almost alone, because upper in a tree, there was a redhead who stared down at them. Two blue/green eyes watched over them with dark small eyes.

Gaara knew this would happen sooner or later. He had nothing leftover for Sasuke, but nor would he see his best friend kill this childhood friend who meant the most to Naruto through all these years, where he had given up on everything else in his life only to bring Sasuke back to the village.
-How many times have you disgraced Sakura´s feelings? JUST TELL ME HOW MANY TIMES, SASUKE? Sasuke couldn't smile, nor speak, he just glared into his old friend´s blue eyes. It looked like he did not understand what's actually was going on. It seemed he was in a kind of trance.

-Was it your plan to kill her? WAS IT? No answer came back.
-I thought you were in love with her? No reactions.
-Damn it, Sasuke! Why are you acting like this. Maybe you'r afraid of me or no in fact i'm sure you'r just a coward!
-Never call me a coward again, Uzumaki Naruto! Be glad no one heard or saw it, then you'd have dishonored my honor forever! Sasuke whispered back with a sharp deep voice.
-Ah, now you can speak! Well then, so tell me why you did this to Sakura? Naruto´s eyes showed anger.
-Mind your own business, Naruto. Love is a weak weapon and so completely useless! 
-I have no reason to do that, as well as Sakura is my best friend. I was shocked to hear her beg you to kill her, that's not love, that's a crying heart full of emotions who's pierced by thousands of needles! Naruto fought with his tears as he had loved that pink-head girl since he was 6 years old.

This little innocent weak girl, who was afraid of everything, even the howling wind, became this strong Lady. Her big cute green eyes meant everything to me, especially when she smiled, it shows her inner deep love like a blooming cherry tree. 
Naruto came with a deep sigh.

-You still love her, don't ya?! Sasuke came with an incomprehensible smile.
- I don't know what the hell you'r talking about!
-Really! I think you do, and i told you, i'm in love with her, so stay out of this. Sasuke's hand found the shaft on his lightning blade.
-Forget it! I don't wanna fight you, i want you to understand my words to you.
-Nonsense! Fight me!
-You really are weak, and own no respect for Sakura.
-Weak, you said, huh!? I saw your feelings for Sakura inside your head, so who's weak?
-No, i have no feelings for her. I love Hinata only.
-Liar! Naruto felt the lightning blade against his body, so it began to bleed.
-Why your little stubborn brat! Even it hurt a lot, Naruto kept it for himself. 
-I won't fight you, Sasuke! Naruto took a deep look into his eyes, as well they changed to Sharingan
-Amaterasu! But before Sasuke's Jutsu hit his best friend, a Shield of Sand surrounded Naruto.

-Why are you here? Didn't i told you never to show up your ugly freckled face in front of me again, isn't that so, Gaara no Sabaku!
-His name is; Kazekage Gaara for you! Naruto yelled.
-It means nothing for me, i can fight both of you, but in this case you treated on me, Gaara.
-No, i protected my best first friend i ever had in my entire life.
-How sweet! You'll always stay weak in my eyes, Sabaku no Gaara. A weak demon! Gaara tried with all his power to stay calm. He was not moving in many several seconds. Taken out from the blue, he stretched out his arm and yelled with full lungs with his deepest voice...

-Suna Shigure! A cloud of sand was formed over Sasuke's head.
-What's that? He got no answer. Heavy rain of sand hit Sasuke so he couldn't breathe.
-No, don't hurt him that much, Gaara.
-It's not in my mind to kill him, only to give him a lesson. Gaara stopped right away. Sasuke was completely exhausted. He couldn't stand on his feet. He sat up against a tree with closed eyes.
-Now tell me; Do you love Sakura or do you still want to kill her? Naruto's eyes burned.
-I had no intend to kill her.... I love her. Sasuke had problems to breathe normally. 
Naruto's eyes was wide open. 
-Why the bloody hell did you...
-S-Sasuke-kun?! A tinny voice which belonged to a pink-head showed herself from a bush.
-You hided yourself there the whole time?
-Sorry, Naruto. I wanted to see you give him a lesson or two, but not at this way, i won't let any of you two kill him. Now i know he loves me. She bowed down and took a deep look into his face. She couldn't hold back her tears, so much blood. 
-Will you survive? Slowly Sasuke opened up his one eye. He winked at her. With pains he stretched out his arm and dragged Sakura down to him, so his mouth hit her softly lips. Gaara and Naruto´s eyes were twice as large. Sakura fell down over him, so she better could kiss him back. A stronger gust of wind moved through the forest, so all the leaves swirled around them in circles.
A smile appeared on Naruto's face.

Chapter 4 - Explain Me What Love Is

-Sorry for what i did against you, Sakura... I wonder if you ever can forgive me?
-Shush... I feel me safe here in the arms of yours. She hugged him even more tight than before. He gave a deep gasp.
-Hey, you two troublemakers, why are you still here? Sasuke pointed it clearly out to Naruto and Gaara.
-Yeah... we won't leave Saku...
-Just leave us, it's okay, really, I mean it! Sakura smiled with tears in her eyes.
-Unless Gaara wants to stay and take a lesson in; how to kiss a girl! Sasuke laughed with a sly teasing glance at him. It was hard for Gaara to stay calm. But he kept his inner peace. 

-How can I learn from someone who just has kissed a girl for the first time in his entire life! Sasuke became red in his head, not of anger, but of pure embarrassment. To see Gaara stand there with his arms crossing and no smile at his face, but calm and safe with wise words out of his mouth, was more than Sasuke could take. He raised himself and walked against Gaara.
-Are you trying to be smart? Then I can tell you, that no girls wants to date such a freckled redhead orangutan like you with a stupid tattoo on his forehead! Gaara was untouched of Sasuke's opinion of him.
-That tattoo stands for LOVE! A word you'd never will come to learn, no matter how much you try.
-You think I'll never come to show Sakura, what true love is? I can tell you, that you're so wrong!
-Hm...! Gaara turned his back to Sasuke and began to walk home.
-What was that all about? Naruto looked from one to the other.
-Come back, you coward! Gaara was gone already.

-Stop acting like this, Sasuke! I do not want to have more shit with you! So behave yourself decently in the front of a real Lady. Sakura wouldn't interrupt none of the guys. She looked nervous from Sasuke to Naruto. The two guys were looking at each other like two fighting lions. 
-Haven't you got enough damage, already Sasuke?
-No way! He has disgraced my honor in the front of Sakura!
-Stop to act so selfish, man!
-This redhead demon only want glory anyway, but certainly not from me!
-C'mon, grow up! Are you okay, Sakura-chan?
I'm fine, thank you, Naruto-kun. She blushed.
-Of course, she's okay, she´s with me! Sasuke found Sakura´s hand and hold it safely into his big hand.
-Allright! Then i'll leave you two alone. But remember these words, Sasuke: If you ever try to do something strange or worse, kill her, then I'll make sure it will be the last you ever did in your whole entire life! Do you understand me clear enough!?
-Yo, Naruto! Take a look! Sasuke lifted up Sakura in his arms and walked to the nearest tree. He pushed her up against the tree trunk. He led her legs around his waist.

Sakura clutched tightly around Sasuke's neck. He groaned a bit as her strength were enormous. She was full of desire. He kissed her, as she never have felt before. Naruto could see how their tongues were playing merrily against each others.
Sasuke glared out of his right eye hook. He knew that his friend could not resist the temptation to stare at them.
-Are you trying to convince me, how to kiss a girl, foolish monkey ass!

It was close on, that Sasuke exploded, but instead he chose to make fun with Naruto. 

-Can i tease you with this, Naruto? He looked at his old friend. Then again he licked Sakura´s neck. Sakura was a bit shocked, but she let him do it. 
-Hell no! Sometimes i can't understand you, Sasuke. It feels like you're lost in your mind or something like that. Naruto began to walk home. 

After awhile... 

But instead to walk straight home, Naruto swung off by Tsunade's house. He wanted to know, if Neji has broken up with his old granny Tsunade. But she wasn't alone, he was still there. They did nothing, just hanged out on the floor in the living room on a carpet with a kimono around their bodies.

Naruto could see how much he cared about her. It seemed he couldn't stop playing with Tsunade´s long hair. He could no longer resist her. Suddenly he pushed her down on her back and sat across her. Naruto spat on the ground. He was so tempted to fight Neji. No he wanted to walk inside and do it right now. He stood in front of the door. Carefully he pushed the door aside.

-No, don't do it, Naruto! A deep voice sounded behind his back, and a big hand was planted on his shoulder. Naruto could recognize the voice immediately.
-Ero Sennin? But why are you here?
-I had an agreement with Tsunade this evening, but... but... this little gnome came on visit before me, and there was nothing, I could do. I saw how much she desired him, and he's only a boy like you! Jiraiya's voice cracked.
-You still love her, don't ya!? Naruto starred at his Sensei with sadness in his eyes.
-Yeah, I guess so... but...
-You don't have to explain it. I have the same feelings for Sakura, and tonight her and Sasuke... they kissed with so much... yeah, just like those two there! He pointed down at Tsunade and Neji.
-Oh i see! A sad glance came over Jiraiya's face.

-Grrr... enough already! For second time today he growled like a mad fox. Before Jiraiya could stop him, Naruto had knocked out Neji. But it was only for few seconds. The two guys had a temperamental fight. Three times Neji smashed Naruto against the wall. But suddenly...
-Bijû Rasengan! 
-NO, Naruto! Jiraiya jumped as fast he could to protect Neji. STOP! 

-NO, Naruto! Jiraiya jumped as fast he could to protect Neji. STOP! 

-Not over my dead body! Tsunade jumped in the front of Jiraiya to protect him.
She stretched out both her arms and hit Naruto so hard he flew out of the door and landed in her pond. All the water in the pond disappeared and Naruto lay deeper than the pond. He could not move as much as a limb of his body.

-Now look what you've done, Tsunade! Jiraiya's voice sounded dramatic. With tears in his eyes he walked out to Naruto, lifted him up in his strong arms. He stopped in a moment and glared reproachfully after the only woman who had meant everything to him, but now he was in doubt after what happened this night. Jiraiya was gone. 
Tsunade slammed Neji out of her house. 

She walked out on her terrace and sat down on the railing. She stared out over her ground, while she saw the sunrise, and wept bitter tears.
On the way home with Naruto, Jiraiya observed two shades of grey up against the wall upside his house. 
-What the hell are you doing here on my ground? Growled Jiraiya very irritated. Sasuke's eyes transformed into Sharingan eyes. 
-None of your business, old man.
-No, Sasuke, this is Master Jiraiya, do your best and respect him. Sakura´s nervous voice tried to calm down her boyfriend. 
-Don't give me instructions, Sakura! 
-But Jiraiya...
-Yeah, he's Naruto´s Sensei, or he think he is, but in fact it is Hatake Kakashi. 
-Doesn't matter, silly boy! I was asking; what the hell you're doing on my ground at this time?
-I am so sorry, Master Jiraiya. Sakura bowed with full respect. 
-Don't bow for him, he'll do all in his power to slaughter all members of the Akatsuki Organization, Sakura! 
-But... but i thought you had leaved this Akatsuki Organization for long time ago, because it do bad things for you, Sasuke. 
-I'll not discuss these things with you, Sakura! If you want to be my girlfriend, you shall accept it. 
-Never! She yelled with full lungs into his face. 

-Do you know, Uchiha Sasuke, there's a set an order from Hokage Lady Tsunade and Kazekage Gaara to arrest you!
-Whatsoever, it's really not my problem! By the way, Sabaku no Gaara, had the chance earlier today, why did he not arrested me at this time?
-But it is your problem, Sasuke, can't you understand the meaning of this? Why are you always so arrogant ? Sasuke couldn't answer right away. His eyes was still focused on Jiraiya.
-Listen to your girlfriend, and try to find a reason, why you're came into the Akatsuki Organization. 
-I know that already! Don't waste my time with silly talk, is that understood? An anger burned inside of Sasuke. 

-I prefer you don't gives me any kind of order at my own ground, Uchiha Sasuke. If you listened closely after, you could hear a slight growling deep down from Jiraiya's belly of anger. 
-W-who's this guy in your arms, Master Jiraiya?
-Can't you see that? It's your best friend, Naruto. Her eyes became big. 
-W-What happened? 
-I can't tell you.
-Get lost, before I call the reinforcement. Jiraiya walked into his house. Outside the house, Sakura and Sasuke could see the light from the lamps out of the windows. 
-What do you think, happened to Naruto-kun? Sakura had tears in her eyes. 
-I have no clue or maybe i have. Earlier we visited Lady Tsunade's house and saw Neji there.
-OMG! So it is true that he visits her? 
-How do you know? However, i think he walked back to her house and tried to fight against Neji. 
-Wow, he's brave, for Neji is too strong for him. Sakura shook her head.
-Nah, or maybe it was Lady Tsunade. 
-How do you know?
-Easily! Neji always uses his Byakugan. I could not see his veins was effected by his Jutsu. 
-Yeah, that's right. So you mean it could have been Tsunade who did this, but why?
-To protect someone. Let's talk about something else. He came with a silly smile.
-Huh?! About what, Sasuke? He came closer to her. He held her very tight, so she could hear his beating heart.
-Did you know, I have loved you since we were kids and long time before we started on the academy... I guess, it started on an evening were we visited the Sport Festival with our parents... I was eating an ice-cream, when I saw you at the first time... the blue flower in your pink hair... oh, blue is my favorite color. Sakura, you're so beautiful. If there're a day I'll never forget, it is that day, you rescued me and Naruto, the same day I was cursed by Orochimaru. you sacrificed your long soft pink hair, as I adored so much, also you got beat up... and... 
-But you protected me with your life, Sasuke, even you couldn't walk, you fought for my sake, but I also prevented you from killing these guys...
-Yeah, that's what you can call true love and not to forget true friendship in a team. 
-The best team like Kakashi always said. Team Kakashi!
-Did he? I see. Sasuke smiled. He took her away from his body, so he better could see her sweet adoring green eyes.
-What? I mean, why do you stare into my eyes with running tears?

-Cuz... I'm not the only guy, who love to see into your beautiful cute green eyes. 
-Huh!? Tell me!
-Not now. Come let's go. Jiraiya have banned us from walking on his ground, as you remember. He smiled through his tears. 
-Ah yeah. She giggled. 
-Hey, first, come here. He gave her a deep special kiss, so her heart gave an extra skip.

Sakura opened up her eyes. Sasuke's tears ran slowly down over his cheeks. Sakura closed her eyes again, and felt a happiness she never had felt before. Sasuke gave slip on her. 
Then he looked deep into her eyes.
-I love you, Haruno Sakura. 
-Ditto! She cried too. Finally after all these years, she got confirmed that Sasuke loved her.
-What? You can't say such things!
-Why not? She laughed and the sound of her giggling made Sasuke more crazy after her. He kissed her again, so it felt like she flew like an eagle high above the mountains. 
In the meanwhile... a tall older man spied at them. Jiraiya stood there behind the Shoji Screen and followed their moves carefully. He had heard each single word. He couldn't care less if people called him a perverted old idiot, but right now he couldn't control his emotions. Tears filled his eyes, as he was thinking on his only true love, Tsunade, the Lady who had rejected him from they were small kids. 
-You don't know how much i love you, my darling ... Jiraiya whispered with a tender voice while tears ran free over his sad face. Suddenly he felt that he froze all over his body. 

-Pervy Sage, are you crying? Naruto was awake and saw how his old Master was suffering.
-It's nothing, Naruto. Now you shall rest. I made some special tea for you, some tea Tsunade teached me, for long time ago then.... His voice cracked over. 
-You don't have to explain it. I am sure she loves you.
-How can you know? He turned around and saw deep into his old students eyes. 
-I have instincts, ya know. Naruto smiled.
Ah, from the nine tailed, I guess.
-Exactly, and that's why I know too, that I found true love in Hinata. 
-Yes, you have, boy, and never let go of her. I mean, raise a family, Naruto. You two are meant for each other. 
-Just like you and Tsunade.
-Now i know you're lying. He mumbled. 
-You think so? Can you then explain me, why she protected you against me?
-That's unfair, Naruto.
-No, i don't think so. I saw her right through her eyes. You didn't saw her tears?
-In fact no.
-Pervy Sage.... Can't you see this love between you and her is unbreakable. 
-Huh!? What are you telling me? 
-Invite her out and try not to stare at her chest and pay her billings. Be normal and not a pervert! Show her your inner feelings, so she knows, that you love her with your pure heart. 
-But, what about that kid she saw? 
-You mean, Neji?
-He means nothing to her. She just wanted to have someone to adore her, so she not felt loneliness. Give her more attention, tell her she's beautiful and that you adore her. Show her some respect.
-How can you know so much?
-As kid i was always everywhere, and there was a day i listened to one of Granny's conversations with Lady Shizune. Man i can tell ya, she told Shizune everything about her feelings for you. 

-Damn you, Naruto! You're such a perverted kid! Jiraiya could not stop this silly smile who turned up on his face. 

-Ah so sure, you're my Master! Both of them giggled so loud that Sakura and Sasuke glared through the window. 
-Wow! Naruto is in good health again.
-Why are you still so surprised about that, Sakura? He shook his head. 
-C'mon let's go already. I have a special place to show you. 
-Shush! I can't tell ya yet. 
-Please! Her eyes begged him for an answer.
-Nope! He kissed her nose. 
-Come with me! 

Everything was quiet outside Jiraiya's house. No sounds from the birds. Only two lonely people walked outside Jiraiya's house, they wanted to know that Naruto was in good hands. The one of them disappeared right after Sakura and Sasuke. It was Gaara. No one should know that he had no experience with girls. Always he pushed them away. He was convinced they were scared for his enormous powers. Tears filled up his eyes. It was too much for him. He don't wanted to be alone no more.
The other person was a sad Lady. Everything was quiet outside Jiraiya's house. No sounds from the birds. Only two lonely people walked outside Jiraiya's house, they wanted to know that Naruto was in good hands. The one of them disappeared right after Sakura and Sasuke. It was Gaara. No one should know that he had no experience with girls. Always he pushed them away. He was convinced they were scared for his enormous powers. Tears filled up his eyes. It was too much for him. He don't wanted to be alone no more.. Tsunade stared in through the window. Jiraiya smoked on his pipe, and it looked like he was busy up talking with Naruto. 

She regretted each single thing, she had put Jiraiya through. She loved that man inside and out. Now she had lost him for lifetime. She sobbed so she barely could stand up. 
-To you, Naruto, i'm so sorry! 
-To you, Jiraiya, forgive me! She whispered. 

Some miles from there...

-Awesome! Is this place yours, where you sleep, eat and hanging out? 
-Yup! This is my special place where i live, and no one knows this place, yeah, except you.
-Ah, it's beautiful, Sasuke. She walked against to the waterfall. Her fingers played with the water. Sasuke came behind her and hold his arms around her body. 
-Stay here for awhile. 
-I can't!
-I'm begging you! He kissed her neck. His arms fell down over her body, and he had a soft grip around her hips. Sakura got goosebumps over her entire body. 

-Come here! He took her hand and lead her in under the waterfall. 
-My clothes! She gave a gasp.
-No problems! We can take it off and we can dry it with a bonfire. 
-What? You kidding me! She stared with big eyes.
-Nope, I'm not kidding at all. Now she felt his soft lips against hers. Slowly Sasuke took his shirt off and right after her top.

-Here! Feel my heart. Sasuke lead her hand to his chest. 
-You make me feel like this! He gave her a tongue kiss.

Chapter 5 - Reverse Psychology

Thanks for this kawaii drawing to: Shamylicious.

Sakura gave him a shy smile. She didn't wanted him to see her without any clothes on. She could feel his hands everywhere on her half naked body. He touched her with the tips of his fingers so softly that it felt as he tickled her with a feather.
-Haha... stop it, Sasuke... ha..ha..ha... I can't breathe when you do it like that! She giggled and tried to get away from him.
-So, you think it's me who'r tickling you right now? He smiled and looked down at her.
-Yeah? Whom should it might be anyway? She couldn't see as he had put a bandage around her head to hide her eyes.
-My snakes! His voice sounded very seriously.
-SNAKES!? Sakura squealed.
-Haha...! No, take it easy, it was only my fingers.
-Are you sure! You're not making fun of me again? She tried to take off the bandage.
-Oh my, Sakura, you're so easy to scare! He laughed again. Sasuke lay her down gently at the edge of the waterfall.
-Let me see!
-Ah, impossible!
-No, no, stop... i promise you it's only my fingers. He touched her softly lips, at the same time he kissed her neck. She bite his finger. But the more that Sasuke touched her, and showed his open desire to her, Sakura felt herself more and more nervous. She felt that it went too fast. Silent tears ran down her cheeks. Sasuke felt it immediately.
-Sakura! What's wrong? I don't feel you're here with me.
-I-I can't go through this with you. She gave a sniff.
-Are you scared of me?
-No, no, i'm scared for those feelings there will come at this time we... we... i can't say it. She tried to hide her face, even he couldn't see her eyes.
-Make love! He saw at her with worried eyes.
-S-Sorry, Sasuke-kun! She sobbed heavily.
-No, it's okay, as long i know that you're my girl!
-Your girl, huh!?
-Yeah, my girlfriend, and only mine! He smiled.
-Sasuke... kun...! She whispered and tried to set focus at his face. She dared not to take off the bandage.
-Can i ask you one thing, Sakura?
-I think so?
-Are you afraid of me?
-Huh!? W-Why should i be that? She continued her sobbing.
-You are afraid of me, just admit it!
-No! She tried to smile through her tears.
-Don't lie to me!
-I'm not! She tried to sound more firm.
-What? You dare to lie for me, but not to take off your bandage! His voice sounded deep and rusty. 
-I-I can explain that.
-Really? Let me hear! Sasuke put his face down to hers. Sakura could feel his breath.
-Now or never, Sakura! She said to herself. In same second she dragged his head down to hers and kissed him so he saw two moons at the same time. Sasuke felt her one knee up between his legs.
-Nnngh! Sa-ku-ra! That hurt!
-Oops! S-sorry, it was not my meaning to...
-Y-yeah, d-don't blame y-yourself. Sasuke fell down besides her, he closed his eyes and tried to breathe normally.
-Sasuke? Are you okay? I tried to make it good again. She sobbed. Sasuke scowled at her.
-Yeah i'm okay, and please, take of this stupid bandage. He sounded a bit snappy. But then he met her green beautiful eyes, he was sold right on the spot.
-Sorry, if i sounded snappy to you, but i have so many things inside my head. He raised himself up.
-It's okay, don't excuse yourself.
-Yes i have and for what i did to you earlier today... Sakura, come here. I can feel you're cold.

-Yeah. She felt his strong arms surrounded her cold body. Sasuke stretched out his arm to take the blanket and wrapped it around them.
-It feels so unreal to be here with you. She smiled.
-Yeah, but i can change that.
-What do you mean? She stared wide-eyed at him.
-I'll show you! Sasuke disappeared under the carpet. Sakura could not breathe as she felt his tongue. She wanted to stop him, but this wonderful feeling took over her mind, she felt chills down her back. Sasuke continued until she trembled.
-W-what was that? She moaned with a hoarse voice, her heart was beating fast.
-My feelings for you. He licked his lips and kissed her. No matter how much Sasuke wanted her, he hold himself back.

Later same night...

Sasuke Uchiha Cosplay.

Sasuke stood alone with his back leaning against the hillside outside the cave and looked out over the exterior waterfall. His hair was still wet, after he had taken a quick dip under the waterfall. The stars shined brightly on the sky and everything was peaceful. He could hear Sakura´s quietly snoring. For a moment he was not sure whether what he did was the right choice for him. He loved Sakura with all of his heart, but to draw her into his murderous plans in Akatsuki, gave him a question, he did not like. As he knew that all that was involved in the criminal, could always be sure that their beloved families life also was in life-threatening danger. He came out with a deep sigh.

-Up already? Sakura rubbed her sleepy eyes and yawned very loud.
-Yeah, i have some business to do. He answered sounded a bit cold. Sasuke took his lightning sword and put it down to his belt. Sakura stared at his sword.
Thanks to zetsuai89 for this epic pix of Sasuke.
-Promise me to stop in the Akatsuki!
-I can never give anyone a promise, the only thing i can promise right here and now is how much you mean to me, Sakura. He turned around and gave an extra glance at her, as she was naked.
-But i thought you loved me?
-I do! Blimey, it's hard to leave you already... I wish we could... no matter, there's not time enough, and i shall meet up with someone. Sasuke tried to put himself together.
-Someone, huh!?
-Do not waste your time on my projects and let your pretty little head think of me the next several days when we can't see each other. He winked at her.
-So many days, but why? She raised herself up and ran to him, hugged him as she never would see him again.
-You're naked, Sakura! Shall i close my eyes, so i can't see you? He laughed.
-What!? She lifted her arm to beat him.
-Stop! He grabbed her arm, kissed her and then leaved her.
-Don't go!
-Come back in three days, Sakura! She ran after him, but he was already gone.

Back in Konoha...

Thanks to "Shamylicious for her sweet drawing. 
Naruto was out on a date with Hinata. They walked hand in hand and Naruto couldn't shut his mouth and told her about this time were he turned into a frog when he trained to learn Sage Mode. Hinata giggled because she could imagine how he looked like. Naruto couldn't stop himself to stare at her heavy chest. He took a fast look around the street to check that they were alone at the side street, he had led her down. There were clear. Naruto pushed quickly but gently Hinata up against the wall. He tongue kissed her for the first time. Hinata´s cheeks flushed. She held tightly around him. Naruto felt that he wanted to move on in their relationship. He bent one of her legs up against him.
Both were fully occupied with each other, so they didn't saw that Neji turned up behind them.
-Get your filthy hands away from Hinata! Naruto stopped right away. He saw into Hinata´s eyes, and this look who met her was not friendly minded. Slowly Naruto turned around and he was crying of anger.
-Or what so if i won't!?
-So, there's only one thing to do!
-Are you sure you want me to beat all the shit out of you, Neji-san?
-I am ready your perverted toad! Unlucky for Neji that Naruto was more than ready. Neji felt his Rasengan so he flew many meters away, and it was only a small one.

-Na-Naruto! Hinata became nervous. Inside her heart she loved both of them on each their way. She knew Neji still loved her and was more than sad for the way he betrayed her. She walked towards him.
-No stay here! Naruto hold her back.
-B-but he's bleeding and...
-Really not my problem! Did you had enough, Neji?

-Hell no! Hakke Kusho! Before Naruto even could follow Neji´s movements, he was hit but only on a few places as Hinata knew each and every single movement he made, she had taught this technique too. Naruto was spared, but it went beyond Hinata, so she was lying lifeless on the ground.
-You'll come to pay for this, Neji! Naruto didn't used any Jutsu, he just beat him up with his bare hands the whole way through. He kept going on until Neji no longer fought against him.

Naruto raised himself and walked to Hinata, lifted her up and brought her to the hospital. He cried the whole way.

In the meantime... 

Sakura walked with slowly steps. Still she was outside Konoha. She came to the cliffs down to the village. She jumped at the same time she looked out for snakes, she hated them, especially their tongues. She became red in her face, as she get a flashback for what Sasuke did to her.
-I hope he's all right. She missed him like crazy already. -Dammit, he had a hot body. She smiled through her beginning tears, and still she felt herself as the most lucky girl in whole Konoha.
 She did not get very far when she heard someone come up with a slight wail. Carefully, she moved towards the person. What met her, she would like to have been spared.
-Neji-San!? She saw two bruised eyes stare up at her. Someone had fought against him, and he had obviously lost.
-Sa-ku-ra-chan ... help me! He reached for her. She fell on her knee and hold her arms around him. I can't... i can't breathe... help me... He passed out. Sakura cried at the same time she tried to heal him.

-No Neji, stay with me, stay! She lift him up and also walked to the hospital. There she met Naruto.
-What the hell are you doing here with that howler monkey?
-Spare your words, Naruto.
-He just get what he deserved!
-So it was you?
-I have not time enough to chit chat with you, Sakura. After all i am happy to see you alive, and Sasuke not harmed you. Naruto's face looked like a sour cucumber.
-Sasuke and me... we're lovers, and i stayed with him the whole night.
-What? No way, you're joking!
-Stop your silly talk, and help me.

-Hell no! Because of him Hinata will maybe not survive.
-What? That's not true.
-It is true. Naruto walked away. A nurse came with a doctor and brought Neji on a bed. Sakura stayed with him the whole night until he woke up. She had healed on him and he survived.

At the same time in the Wind Country 

Sasuke and Kisame walked in the desert. The sunrise was beautiful. Sasuke noticed it and came with a deep sigh. 
-What's wrong with you? Kisame looked at him with his skewed strong white gleaming eyes.
-Nothing you should worry about.
-I see. Well as long you keep concentrating yourself about this task, so yeah, nothing to be worried for. He kept holding an eye on Sasuke.
-By the way, have you heard from Orochimaru on the lately? Sasuke sound a bit irritable.
-Nope! But i guess we do this on our own way this time.
-You mean in cold blood?
-We do not have time enough to be two idealistic gentlemen!
-Not what i meant!
-Yeah, yeah, Uchiha Sasuke! Do you trust me?
-If the Kazekage and the Hokage don't want to make a deal, why not cut them down without to blink?
-Who gives you the right to judge like this, Kisame? 
-Why so pissed?
-What did you just say? Sasuke´s eyes turned to red.
-Take it easy, bro! You are certainly not Itachi!
-Exactly! So be care for what you ask me for. 
-You know, Sasuke, i came early this morning, and i saw that look you had in your eyes before you ever saw me.
-What's that supposed to mean? He snapped after him.
-Easy! You are hit by a fever of love!
-Shut up!
-Listen to me; you have to be concentrated or you will fall before you count to tree, and i can't save you.
-Mind your own business, Kisame! Now we shall... Sasuke gave a roar, he was been hit from one of the spies from the Kazekage´s reinforcement.
-Dammit! We're trapped! Kisame swung his sword and killed one of them.
-What the hell did they come from? Sasuke raged and spat in anger.
-No clue!
-Chidori! Two down! What the hell is Gaara doing here?
-We do not have time to stand and glare after our enemies, Sasuke!
-You do not kill the Kazekage! Did you hear me, Kisame?
-Why is he so holy?
-He's a friend of Uzumaki Naruto! I don't wanna fight him.
-Uzumaki Naruto you say! The Demon Fox kid?
-He's not a demon!
-Never mind! What about this Kazekage boy?
-Leave it, just spare his life.
-Haha, yeah that's really nice, and you think he'll spare our life or in this case yours? We had an order to kill him. 
-Stop it! When i say...
-Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu! Kisame yelled.
-What? Sasuke looked after Kisame with distended eyes. He was attacked by Gaara.
-Suna no Kaiwan! 

-Suna no Kaiwan! 
-Kisame was hit so he flew many meters backwards.
-Jagei Jubaku! 
 Gaara was summoned by a big white snake.
-What are you up too, Uchiha Sasuke?
-Use the inner side of your head, mate!
-You wanna kill me? Go ahead! Gaara eyes became small and dark.
-Not yet! If i wanted to kill you, you'll already been dead, trust me! 
His sharingan eyes glowed with desire.
-As you wish! Master of; Kissing no Jutsu!
-What the hell! Are you trying me out, Sabaku no Gaara?
-I'm Kazekage Gaara.
-I give a dammed hell for that! The snake hissed into the face of Gaara.
-What so ever! Why have you caught me on this filthy way?
-No the question is; Why are you here?
-Yeah right! Just use reverse psychology, that's fine with me. Sasuke were now out of words.
-You're alone as you know. All your men is dead. What will you do about it?
-What can i do about it, Sasuke? You'll kill me anyway.
-So this is what you have to say?
-In fact, yes! Or no, by you name it. How its going with, Sakura? Sasuke´s eyes became large.
-Nothing you should be concerned about, redhead!
-Seriously, Sasuke; what do you have in your mind? Do you want to kill me or not with that creepy snake of yours? It pissed Sasuke off, so he ordered the snake to encircle his neck. Gaara gave some stifling sounds deep down in his throat.
-Are you done to making fun out of me?
-Not really!
-Are you stupid or what?
-If i am stupid, would you then spare my life? Gaara blinked a few times with his eyes and tried to seem serious.
-What the hell are you playing at? The snake tightened its grip harder around Gaara´s neck.

Jagei Jubaku Jutsu 
-W-what to live for... he panted very strongly as he could not breathe through... no-no one loves me... hah...hah... all see me as a monster except from... from Naruto. B-both of you have a girlfriend and... He stopped talking as he was out of chakra. Gaara passed out.
-FUCK IT ALL! Sasuke yelled out with full power. So loud that Kisame woke up.
-W-what hell is going on?
-I killed them all except from... from...
-The Kazekage?
-He looks dead? 
-No, he just passed out. Sasuke stopped his snake and let Gaara fall down to the ground.
-Why not kill him?
-Use your little grey brain, Kisame! If we kill him, we're doomed.
-I see, but what now about those information?
-Screw it! I stop here!
-What? You can't! We're on this mission and we have to...
-SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Sasuke eyes glowed with anger.
-You will never be like your brother!
-You're dammed right about that, Kisame, i won't stay in his shadows. I am stronger and more directly.
-HA! No you're not! He would never give up, no matter what it would cost!
-Wrong information you gave me there! He gave up his life for many years ago when he killed our parents!!
-Nicely done! Kisame smiled back.
-You planned this with him, didn't you?
-If you want me to spare your life, you go now!!
-I go when i have killed the Kazekage! Then after i'll never see you in the front of my eyes again, kid!
-You shall kill me first then!
-You want to protect this guy? How weak! Kisame laughed heavily. 
-Yeah, with my life!
-You know what? I think you're afraid of this demon fox kid!!
-Hell no! Just leave me! NOW!
-Do you really think that this guy here will spare your life, when he founds out who killed his army?
-I don't care! Sasuke lifted up Gaara and began to walk home.
-You really want me to kill you? I am glad that Itachi never saw how weak you are, and he was right about your weakness for long time ago! Sasuke stopped right away and put down Gaara.
-Suiton: AmesuikohaKisame turned into shark mode. 

 In the same time Sasuke turned around and faced Kisame for the first time.
-Enton: Yasaka no Magatama! Sasuke´s Susanoo third hand produced numbers of projectiles which were composed by black flames. 

Thanks to "Yahiko" for his epic picture.

Only way he could defeat the many water sharks. But before his Jutsu worked someone planted a hand on his one shoulder. 
-No stop, Sasuke! 
-Nii San? Sasuke became totally white in his face.
Thanks to "Futago-kawaii" for her epic drawing.
-Do not defeat my old friend, you'll only kill him. Apologize to one another, forget it all and just go home. 
-How is it possible i can hear and see you? 
Which home are you talking about? I'm living alone in a cave!
-So change that!
-This girl Sakura, will be a perfect wife to you. 
Itachi smiled at his brother.
-Are you out of your mind?
-Leave it here, go home! NOW! I'll stop my old friend, and be sure to take care of your friend Kazekage no Gaara. 
-I will take care of him, but he's definitely not my friend!
-I understand. Take care of you, little brother! NOW GO! Itachi waved to him. Sasuke stared into his brothers eyes.
-I always loved you, Nii San! Some tears filled out his sad eyes.
-I know, and i loved you, always, and you became stronger than me. Now go with peace, Sasuke!

Chapter 6: Memories Of A Forgotten Childhood.

-C'mon kid, ready to die? Suiton: Daikodan no Jutsu! Kisame jumped against Sasuke. Itachi turned around and tried to protect his brother. 

Sasuke turned slowly around and felt a rush of pain pierce him.
-NOOO! Itachi grab his little brother like he was made out of flesh and bones.
-No! It's impossible! Itachi old friend, is it really you? Kisame turned back to normally state. Itachi looked at his old friend with hard starring eyes.
-What you see, you do not see. Was the only answer Kisame got in return.
-W-what's that kind of riddles? He looked at Itachi as he adored, loved and feared at once. No answer came back. Itachi hold his beloved little brother close into his chest. His eyes was filled up with tears.
-This isn't the end, Sasuke, you'll survive this, because there'r so much for you to do in life. I want you to rise a family, and become what our father was; A Military Police Officer and become the head of the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke lay lifeless in his brother's arms.
-I am not sure I ever can forgive you for this, Kisame! Itachi snapped at him with fierce voice.
-I don't understand! You're always told my head full, that this kid never would fulfill what it takes to become a true Shinobi and what it takes to take a friend´s life!
-Shut up, Kisame!
Look at him, old friend! Just look at him, he's still weak, and couldn't even take this Kazekage´s life, and that may mean, that they're friends! He do not deserves to be member of Akatsuki! Kisame spatted down the sand, and his eyes lighted up in strong light blue to white.
-You own no rights to try killing my family. Itachi´s voice sounded dark.
-Ah, you meant; the only one who's left back by you! Hahaha... yeah, that was really comic of you, Itachi. You'r not your old good one.
-Just stop babbling!
In the same not far away from them, a coughing sound broke through. Gaara tried to raise himself, but it was hard for him, as his legs was shivering like jelly. Very weak his hand transformed some sand to raise himself. He felt himself exhausted. In a second, he felt he wasn't alone. His eyes focused down at his enemy Kisame and saw another guy who looked a lot like Sasuke.
-Uchiha Itachi! He whispered loud to himself. He saw Itachi was kneeling, and had a hold on Sasuke.
Gaara couldn't understand what was happened. It was too hard for him to concentrate, as his pains took over and flowed inside his body after Sasuke´s attack. Gaara had never felt so much pain at once. He began to cry as the pains felt like the same when his father made experiments on him then he was a little kid.
-You're not alone, Gaara!
-No, we're here for you as we always will be as your siblings!
Gaara felt a hand on each of his shoulders. He looked from one to another and saw a warmhearted smile from Temari and Kankuro. Gaara just smiled.
-Why hell haven't you told us to come here? Temari asked.
-I don't want you two to be involved. Gaara gave a long deep sigh.
-Hey bro, didn't i told you for long time ago; your problems is mine too!
-Ah, stop it, Kankuro, will you, please.
-Right then, but then you should tell us, what happened to you, cuz you look like something the wind have been played with for too long against a big mountain! Temari sounded a bit mischievous.
-Enough already, Temari. Gaara was still focused at Itachi and Kisame. Two old members of The Akatsuki, even he knew Itachi was dead already. His eyes caught more than normal eyes could see. He wondered what was happened to Sasuke. Gaara wouldn't give up to fight for his village, as he had sworn to protect as the Kazekage. He remembered for long time ago in the exam finals, when he was matched up against Sasuke. To see him now like this, chosen the dark paths was unbelievable. Even not Naruto could change Sasuke´s mind, so that guy was lost to the dark side.
-I would have been too, if it wasn't for Naruto, as i am thankful to the rest of my entire life. Gaara gave a deep sigh, and felt some inner emotions who was out of control.
-It doesn't matter what just happened to me, now we should focus on this Kisame. He's a strong and very skilled Shinobi and seems unstoppable!
-Let's see, Gaara! Kankuro came with a snort.
-Let's move already! Temari hammered her fan down in the sand, so that occurred a major swirl sand storm.
-Great, Temari! Now they have discovered us before time. Kankuro blamed her.
-Yosh! She yelled and pointed down at their enemies with her fan. Gaara jumped on a cloud of sand and hovered over to Sasuke and the other two. A battle started with no warning from the Sand Siblings. All three of them attacked Kisame at once. They showed no mercy. 

-No matter how tough you are, Kisame, i'll destroy you! Sajin Meikyu
-Hell no, you brat! Doton: Dochu Senko
Kisame disappeared under the sand.
-Where the hell did he go? Kankuro looked around them.
-Under the sand in form of fluid, and he'll attack you with no warning! Itachi looked on all three of the siblings.
-Be ready! Gaara yelled.
-Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai! Temari summoned Kamatari. Itachi did all he could to protect his brother. He was out of control to help Kisame out of his problems. He would better protect his own brother, so he covered him as well he could. Gaara was not late out to figured it out. He yelled to Itachi to get him away from here before the reinforcement came to succor.
-You're good friend, Kazekage no Gaara.
-Your brother is no one of my friends and for what he did, he must be arrested and put in jail until i find a resolution. You shall know this; As Kazekage, I can never forgive Sasuke.
-Believe me, I do understand you.
-Hm...I'll come after him.
-No need for that, i'll lead you to him, Kazekage.
-That's a deal. Itachi disappeared with Sasuke and transmitted him to his cave. Itachi looked down at his helplessness brother.
-Stupid little brother! Why did you followed in my steps into the Akatsuki? That was not what i planned with you. Hm... this will be the last time i ever can help you out. Sharingan Mangekyou
-Sasuke, listen to me! You have to fulfill your inner dreams no matter what it cost you!
-Nii-san!? W-where am i?
-In my gen-jutsu! I had to speak with you. Your body is defected by one of Kisame´s strongest Jutsu. I'll try to cure you as well i can, but you certainly needs more than that. I'll make sure your girlfriend will come here immediately!
-Sakura-chan, huh?
-You don't know how lucky you are. Tears flowed down over Itachi´s cheeks.
-Are you crying Nii-san? 
-No, it must been all that sand dust from that damn desert! He smiled back.
-Gaara! What about Gaara?
-No need to think on him, he's okay, he's with Temari and that weird guy with a doll.
-He's safe, huh!?
-Well, let's say; he can fight and i never seen such a strong and determined and indirectly guy who definitely knows what he's doing. Actually he reminds me about me when i was in ANBU Black Oops. I was always so responsible and peace lover and was moving fast up the ranks path in no time. That's why i reached to become Captain for the ANBU in age of thirteen.
Sasuke gave a deep sigh and felt himself irresponsible and vindictive at the same time.
-Yeah, Kisame is right; I'll never be like you. Although we are brothers, we have our own way of seeing things, actually we are one inside our hearts. Both of us have killed many innocent people. For what!? I became the vengeful younger brother, who only wanted revenge on his older brother who killed their parents and whole clan with a cold-blooded heart! Itachi came with a long sad sigh.
-I already told you, why i killed our parents.
-And still you spared my life! Sasuke cried out of anger at the same his tears flowed unruly down his cheeks. Itachi was out of words. He looked at his unhappy brother.
-Why so damn cold in your heart? Why Nii-san!?
-I can't bring back to order what i have done, and you know it too well, Sasuke, no matter how much i'd loved you. All i wish is, that you shall remember our childhood and how i've teached you to survive this world. I think we also had a lot of fun too. Revoke those feelings, not for my sake, but for yours only.

-You ruled and destroyed my childhood, Itachi! Sasuke´s emotions was now out of control.
-Listen, carefully, brother; What me and Tobi did under the control of Danzo was totally insane and inexcusable! I acted like this to prove my abilities only.
-Yeah, but you chose a wrong road there! But still... i am so sad of what i did to you, Nii-san... truly i am. Before i decided to attack The Hidden Sand, i already had in mind to stop this nonsense to keep on making peace in my way. I always thought what Pain did, was the totally correct way to show people what peace was all about. Now i know it was the wrong way, and what Naruto did to Pain also named Nagato, was so special. Dammit, i miss my old friend and then we were Team Seven! Sasuke´s lips quivered of vulnerable sentimental feelings.

-Time to say goodbye, little brother!
-No! Don't leave me! Sasuke hugged his brother tightly.
-Sasuke, you'r in good hands already. You and Gaara will find a solution on all these troubles you have cost lately, but i'm sure he'll spare your life.
-How do you know? I nearly killed him and so many others too! He showed a sad face.
-I had a talk with him. Just promise me one thing; Stay on the right side of the law, become what our father was, work hard, and marry this Sakura and raise a family. Be a good guy and always be there for your beloved friends.
-Friends, huh!? Sasuke´s face looked miserable.
-I left one of my best friends in vain today, when i handed him to the Kazekage. He's probably dead by now. Itachi bit his lip of sadness.
-Naruto always tried to be my friend and Sakura too, even she wanted to be more than friends. Sasuke came with a smirked smile as he got a flashback, when he was alone with her in his cave last night.
-My, Sasuke! You've already been on a forbidden place!
-Huh!? Sasuke could not look more foolish than he did in this intimate moment when his brother stuck his long nose into his memories.

-Sakura and you was naked here last night, and you did some forbidden moves, right! He laughed and gave his brother a push.
-Stop it already! Sasuke´s voice became strong and deep.
-If you keep on doing this and works a bit harder, you'll soon or later have raised a family! Itachi laughed so he cried.
-Damn you, Nii-san! Sasuke´s ears turned red.
-Haha... it's alright, brother. Just promise to protect her, right!
-Haha... who shall protect me, if i make her mad? The brothers laughed.

-Once again; I loved you, no matter what happened between us. I'm happy you got my eyes implanted, Sasuke, become more strong and confident on, what you believe in, and use the eyes for some good. Now, it's really time to leave you. I see there'r two ladies standing outside the cave.
-Go and found out, but i warn you with the other lady which wear the name; Uzumaki Karin. She'll only bring you down to your knees. Now, this is my last goodbye. Remember this always; I love you, Sasuke! Itachi poked with two fingers on his brother's forehead and looked deep into his eyes. Then he was gone.

Slowly Sasuke opened up his eyes, but he couldn't move any single bone in his body.
-Sasuke-kun! He heard two loud voices which belonged to Sakura and Karin. They were not late out to bow down over him. Sakura fell down on her knees.
-Sa-sa... ku... ra... Sasuke had no power in his voice.
-Shh... don't speak! What happened to you?
-I'll heal you Sasuke-kun! Karin began to lay her hands over him.

-Stay away from him! Sakura warned her.
-Or what so if i won't?
-GRRR!!! I'll make a pound of meat out of you, bitch! You followed after me, and it's only me who knows where Sasuke lives!
-Oh, so arrogant of you, silly cow!
-What! Did you just called me a cow, huh?
-Yup! I own the rights to heal him, as i always have done. Karin started over again to heal him. Sakura wanted too, so both of them made a silly competition who could do it best.
-I'll win this silly game, Karin. I have been taught to heal by Hokage Lady Tsunade herself.
-Hurray for you, pink head!
-Better pink, than red with stupid glasses!
-Do you want to taste my poison, Pinky!?
-That word does not exist!
-How do i care!
-Close the scar!
-S-stop you two... it is unbearable to listen at... Sasuke gave a deep sigh. He had tears in his eyes.
-Are you crying, Sasuke? Sakura stroked tenderly his cheek. Sasuke fought inside to get his body in move, so he could take her hand and kiss it.
-Don't cry, Sasuke-kun, i'm here with you. Karin smiled at him.
-I... I love you... Sa-ku-ra... He stared deep into her green eyes. Sakura stared back and down to his mouth. Sasuke tried to smile with his eyes. She leaned forward and bowed her head down to him. She planted a dreamy kiss on his chapped lips.
-NO! Sasuke is mine! She pushed away Sakura and poisoned her.
-NO SAKURA! A strength so powerful got Sasuke back on his feet. He pushed Karin up through the wall with so much hateful glance in his eyes.
-Get off me, Sasuke!
-Not before you have understand, that Sakura will become my future wife, and i'll sure you, that right here, right now, you'll cure her! Is that understood!?
-B-but, Sasuke-kun... I-I love you, and i'll please you at many ways!
-YUCK! Hell no! Stay away from me! Now, cure Sakura!
-No way! This bitch stole you from me! She crossed her arms and looked too selfish at him.
-NOW, KARIN! He took a grab around her neck. As always, she began to cry at the same time she shouted at him.
-Ow, it hurts! Let go off me, Sasuke-kun!
-Are you trying me out again, Karin? I'll make sure to you, that i'll kill you immediately!
-Then she'll die!
-HAHAHA... as you're the only one here around, who can heal! How pitifully! His eyes transformed to Sharingan Mangekyou. 
-P-please, s-spare my life, Sa-Sasuke-kun!
-Then cure Sakura, and i'll let you go! This is your last chance! With crying eyes, she lay down on her knees. Karin led her hands over Sakura's face, and dragged all the poison out of her mouth. Slowly Sakura opened up her eyes. Sasuke was overwhelmed and some tears made his eyes more shiny. Karin´s tears flowed down over her face.
-Now leave us, Karin, and do never come back! Sasuke fell down on his knees and hold Sakura tight into his body.

Everything seemed so romantic and peacefully, even both of them cried to be alive in each others arms. But in no time, his cave was filled up with reinforcement from the Hidden Sand with Gaara in front.
-Show me how it feels to be alive, Sasuke! Gaara crossed his arms and his eyes had a dark glance.

Chapter 7: Bring Me Back To Justice!

Sasuke raised his head and looked after Gaara. His eyes were deep red.
-Gaara! How did you find me?
-I had a deal with your brother!
-How can it be?
-Doesn't matter! Do you still wish to combat me or do you prefer voluntarily to raise yourself up and follow with me to the jail? Gaara gazed at him with beady eyes. Sasuke raised himself in full length. He walked over to Gaara, and stared deep inside his eyes.
-You can't win over me, Gaara!
-For you, i will always be Kazekage Gaara, and i'll never forgive you, Sasuke, for what you put me through in the Hidden Sand!
-Grrr....! I'll cut you down, Sabaku no Gaara!!!
-I have a good advice for you, Sasuke. Don't loose yourself into the darkness and...
-As i wanted to hear an advice from someone like you, who never tried to face anything in your entire life! You never tried to see your parents be slaughtered in the front of your eyes as kid!
-No! My mother died right after she gave birth to me. Gaara tried with all power to preserve his pride.
-What a pity! It will not change anything, even if i tried to save your life in the desert.
-What's that suppose to mean? Gaara frowned and his eyes became darker.
-Nothing i guess! Are you ready to face me again, Gaara!?
-You really are stupid, aren't you, Sasuke!?
-No, Sasuke, stop...! Sakura raised herself slowly up, even if her legs hardly could bear her.
-Stay out of this, Sakura!
-No! My future husband must not end up being executed before he marries with that girl who loves him dearly with all her heart... please, stop here, Sasuke... i beg you! Teardrops dripped down to the ground. Sasuke turned his head and looked at this girl, who always had adored him. Finally he realized that he loved her with all his heart and had always done for so many years. It wounded him deep to see her so unhappy, and the last thing he wanted was to bring her down in his fall.
-Do you know how many who seeks your death, Uchiha Sasuke? Listen to Sakura-chan for your own sake. Sasuke could see that Gaara meant it. Slowly he stopped his Chidori. The lightning switched off in his hand. His head hung sad down and he avoided completely Gaara´s glance.
-I surrender myself.
-Good! So it's not necessary to use violence against you. But we're ain't finish yet! Sakura-chan! As you were here too, and probably supported Sasuke in all his doing lately, i must take you with me.
-That's unnecessary, Gaara! Sasuke voice became deep and dark.
-It must be up to Hokage Lady Tsunade to decide that.
-Pardon me? We can take that discussion later, Uchiha Sasuke. But for now, both of you, follow with me into the Hidden Sand Village. Oh yes, i nearly forgot to tell, that your other little girlfriend named Uzumaki Karin is waiting outside the cave here, and she'll entertain you in the prison, for she is also on the list of wanted persons, after all, you and her were in the same team. Hmm ... you called yourselves; Hebi, right? A really ridiculous name.
-Yes, that's right, Sabaku no Gaara! Sasuke spat on the floor.
-Go! Gaara ordered them to move on. He gave Sasuke a push in his back.
-Don't touch me!
-As you wish! The guy who has invented "Kissing no Jutsu"! Gaara laughed inside.
-Sasuke... I can't walk!
-Sakura!? He turned his head against her. Sasuke walked over to her and lifted her up and hold her close into his chest.
-What's wrong? Gaara wanted to know.
-She's still affected by Karin´s poison.
-Then maybe we should bring her to the hospital in Konoha! Temari, take Sakura-chan with you and inform Lady Tsunade.
-Already done, bro! Temari took over Sakura without Sasuke´s permission.
-Hold it!
-No, Sasuke, it's alright. She cried at the same time.
-Are you sure?
-Absolutely! Kazekage Gaara, can i ask you a favor?
-Go ahead!
-Please, do not execute Sasuke... i know he did many bad things and killed...
-Enough already! Leave Temari.
-You could at least have told her...
-Told her what, Sasuke? That i'll go to break each bone inside your body?
-Enough talk, go!
-Before i go... i want to know what happened to Kisame?
-Actually, i have no reason to inform you about my business, but now you ask me, i crushed him. No more talk, now go!

---The Hidden Sand Village---

Sasuke felt himself so sad. He had not eaten for two or maybe three days. He knew he was guilty and waited only for Kakashi and Jiraiya to come and escort him to Konoha´s prison . Those words his brother had told him, kept on to haunt him.
-Nii-san... please come to me... i want some more advises from you... He exhaled a deep sigh.   
All he could hear was some laughing from some girls who stood outside the window and talked about the great Kazekage who owned a heart of gold and both of them wanted to marry him and give birth to his children.
-What a headache! Sasuke raised himself only to see if they looked good. His eyes became wide open.
-Blimey! He could see right down to the breasts on one of them, which was a beautiful girl with long blond hair and blue eyes.
-She-she is more pretty than Sakura... but i love her no matter what... Now he became more depressed than ever. He sat down and pressed his back up against the wall under the window.

-...Sakura... forgive me... if i could i wanted to be with you the rest of my life and bring you some beautiful children, who looked like you, but now... it's too late... He started to cry in silence.
Next morning he heard some familiar voices. He tried to open his eyes, as he still was tired and effected by his long sleepless night.
Finally after some time he opened his eyes.
-Well, well... look what the cat brought to the doorstep! Sasuke looked up in the face of his old Sensei Hatake Kakashi. Jiraiya stood right beside him and gazed at Sasuke. Kakashi had both of his hands buried deep down in his trouser pockets as always.
-Hmm... Sasuke closed his eyes. It pissed him off to see Kakashi so optimistic.
-So kid! We came here to escort you to; The Hidden Leaf Village Prison. Jiraiya stood there as a giant statue with his arms crossed, and looked like a complete smug boor in Sasuke's eyes.
-What a complete toad head idiot!
-I heard you! Jiraiya´s eyes became small.
-So what?
-I warned you for awhile ago, not to involve yourself ones again, but you chose to ignore me for some reason. You should never have done that.
-Whatsoever! You'll no matter what, be in agreement with Gaara to get me executed, right?
-No, Sasuke! That's none of our business. All the 5 Kage will organize a meeting. On this meeting they will find an appropriate punishment for you. Only thing i can promise you here and now is, that there'll only go three days, and you'll have the results. Kakashi tried to hide his inner feelings. It hurt him to see his best old student like this way.
-So you're telling me that there's still a chance to get me killed?
-That was not what i meant, but...
-You said enough already. Please, just transport me to Konoha village. Sasuke gave a deep sigh, and raised himself.
-So it may be! Jiraiya called out for Gaara.
-Ready to leave, Sasuke? Gaara glazed at him. Their eyes met in a short dark moment.
-Just open up this damn door and let's get it to an end, redhead!

-I pretender that i did not heard that! Just leave my village as fast as possible! But we'll meet again in three days, don't forget that! Now he's your responsibility, Kakashi.
-Hai, Lord Gaara! Kakashi nodded. They leaved immediately.

---The Hidden Leaf Village---

It gave no different for Sasuke where he was. It was the same procedure. Still he had not eaten for many days. He began to suffer the day after he came to Konoha. He wasn't either been informed about Sakura's condition. He was deep inside his own thoughts when someone called out his name.
-Somebody home?
-Sasuke opened slowly his eyes. He could barely see who the person was, only it was a deep lightly voice.
-W-who are you?
-Your old friend, Naruto!
-I've brought you some food, cuz you seem so starved!
-I won't eat it.
-You have to or you'll die!
-Hahaha... you'r as a-always s-so funny, Na-Naruto. Sasuke starred at the fruit, but his eyes became bigger then he saw Naruto had his favorite fish. He tried not to droll, but his stomach rumbled of hunger. Sasuke began to shake. 
-Dammit, Sasuke! You are so starved. Let me feed you.
-N-no way!
-Don't be silly! Naruto opened the Bento lunch box, and caught some rice and fish with the chopsticks and fed his friend. Sasuke couldn't hold himself back not for come with whimpering sounds. The taste was overwhelming after so many days without food.
-Na-Naruto... this is so r-ridiculous... soon... i'll g-go to d-die...
-Shut your mouth before i hit you!
-Y-yes, t-thank you! He tried for first time in long to come with a smile.
-Sasuke, still i can't understand why exactly you attacked Gaara?
-T-That's out of your b-business, Na-Naruto!
-How could you fall down in this hole of darkness? What happened with these bond between us we shared for long time ago?
-O-only you, s-still lives in the p-past. There's n-nothing left. Sasuke pushed away the chopsticks and turned his head away.
-You better should shut your mouth, after what you did to my friend, Gaara! Naruto yelled of anger.
-Y-you don't know... anything, Na-Naruto... Gaara... i tried to p-protect him against K-Kisame.
-Why should i believe in you? There were no witnesses!
-J-just like Gaara said. ...jeez... if you don't t-trust in my words, w-who should then? I give up. T-take care of Sakura, and tell her i'm s-sorry for what i b-brought her through.
-Gaara really said that too, huh!? About Sakura, she's fine again, and Lady Tsunade acquitted her immediately.
-I-I am so... so... it's overwhelming. Tell her... tell her that i l-love her so deeply and i am so s-sorry.
-No i won't!
-W-what? Sasuke became sad and showed a shocked face.
-Tell her yourself! She's standing right outside the door. Naruto smiled.
-Outside the d-door, huh!?
-Sakura-chan! Come on in! Sakura walked with slowly steps against Sasuke. He tried to raise himself, but was too exhausted.
-What-what happened to you? She cried desperately.
-N-nothing my l-love can't fix! He smiled.
-You look so exhausted and your voice sounds so distorted, what have they done to you anyway?
-No, n-nothing! Gaara s-served the most d-delicious food for me, but i denied to eat it.
-How stubborn can you be? Her tears flowed.
-Nah, he's lying, Sakura! He just ate some Bento i brought him.
-Oh, Sasuke...

-Shush! K-kiss me, right here! He pointed at his mouth. Naruto became a quite sad. It hurt him deep down to see, because of his longing for be with Hinata.
-I have to go. Naruto turned around.
-Why? Sasuke wanted to know.
-There's someone i have to face.
-It's not Neji, is it? Sakura tried to come in contact with him.
-See ya! Naruto walked away with no answer.
-W-what was that all about?
-That's a long story. But Hinata is in coma. In fact i should meet up with Lady Tsunade and Shizune to try to heal on her again. But... but i better should stay here with you. She kissed his lips with tenderness. She began to heal Sasuke.
-No, Sakura Don't let your friends wait, if they need you, be there for them. Save her if you can, which i wish you can with help from the Hokage. He tried to smile, but it missed.
-Your fake smile always reveal you, my love. What's wrong? Have they told you anything?
-No! Please, Sakura, i won't sound rude to you, but will you please leave, i have to be alone now.
-Huh!? You can't mean that!?
-Yes i can. Visit Hinata. I really feel sorry for her.
-Neji did it to her.
-Yeah, he attacked Naruto and Hinata when they were kissing on a street.
-That does not sounds like Neji.
-He's just jealous at Naruto.
-I thought he had an affair with Tsunade?
-No more! She kicked him out, and it seems Jiraiya and her found each other.
-I see!
-I helped Neji, and healed him.
-Hmm... Sasuke's eyes became dark.
-What now?
-Nothing! Let's talk tonight, okay, and bring me some of your mothers delicious chocolate cookies, will you? He kissed her cheek.
-That's a promise! But in the mean time you shall eat the rest of that Bento Naruto brought you, alright!?
-Yup! Thanks for your healing, Sakura. He smiled.
She raised herself and blew Sasuke a kiss. She leaved him to meet up with her Hokage. Kakashi were Sasuke´s guardian, as long he was prisoner. Kakashi gave a deep sigh and lucked the door after Sakura was gone.
-You should be happy to have such loyal friends, Sasuke.
-Please, leave me, Sensei. Sasuke turned his back to Kakashi as he cried in deep silence. He fell asleep right away. Kakashi checked him each hour to see if he still was breathing. Later Jiraiya turned up to replace his friend. 

The stars was blinking on the sky, the night sky showed its face...

Jiraiya sat there in the darkness only with an oil lamp on the table. He was smoking on his pipe. But Sasuke heard someone came inside the room and talked to him. The voice belonged to a woman. He could only hear some mumbling.
-Not here, Tsunade! Jiraiya gave a gasp.
-But i miss my giant boy!
-Then kiss me at least!
-In this case i will, my Princess!
Sasuke heard some weird sounds and it pissed him off.
-Be quiet for damn sake! He yelled loud.
-You better leave now, i'll be home early in the morning, when the toads begins to sing for you! He send her a silly smile.
-Alright! Be sure to make it before i shall meet up with Lord Gaara on the office!
-I can do it so fast as you wish, my Lady!
-Be careful with your choice of words, idiot!
-Gwahaha... mmm... She strangled his silly laugh with a wet hard kiss. Then she pushed his head backwards.
-See ya, baka! The door slammed after her.
The loneliness was so close on to kill Sasuke. If the five Kage decided to execute him, he would no longer be available to see Sakura again... no one couldn't show a more sad face than Sasuke did right now, but also some anger grow inside of him and still he could just walk away if he wanted, no one had strength enough to keep him there. He raised himself and stared out of the door. He could see Jiraiya, and it looked like he slept. It seemed he was alone, but the hope that Sakura would turn up and visit him died in stillness with grief and sorrow. He thought it was impossible to love another person so strong like he did. He was so sorry for what he had put her through, and what she'll go through the next days. There was only one day back till he'll get the results from the five Kage. It felt like he didn't cared about it. Sakura, he couldn't get her out of his mind.
-If only i had some more time... i would... i would make her feel more loved... kiss her tender pink lips and let the time stop... i will never be able to tell her how much i love her... Tears dripped down from his cheek.
-I freaking loved you, Sakura! He whispered loud.
-But i already know how much you love me, Sasuke!
-Huh!? He focused outside the door.
-I heard you, and you talks like you're already dead.
-How did you came here?
-Jiraiya is already gone. I think he walked before time.
-Nah, Sakura, you haven't watched you back as always! They heard a very deep voice outside the window.
-Kakashi Sensei!?
-Yup, that's my name.
-But how did you, i mean...
-It's alright! But do you not prefer to hold around his neck instead than stand there outside the room?
-Sensei!? She blushed. Sasuke tried to hide his face. Kakashi showed an innocent face. He walked inside the house for opening the door.
-You can do what you want with each other, but i am watching over you.
-So perverted! Sakura whispered loud. She gazed at him with small eyes. Kakashi gazed back with his one eye like it had no affect on him, if they started to snog with one another. But Sasuke was not in mood.
-Sasuke! I had a talk with Lady Tsunade earlier today, and i asked her if there where any kind of chance to spare your life, but...
-It's meaningless, Sakura. No one, even not you, can change what i've done.
-Don't be so ridiculous! He turned his head and looked inside her eyes with a dark glance.
-You really don't get it, do you?
-Why so mean?
-Mean, you say, huh!? He hit himself with a facepalm.
-Please, Sasuke! Let me help you with your pains.
-Ha! Who's ridiculous now! You can't change my faith.
-Lemme, Sasuke! He grabbed around her head and pushed her up against the wall. 
-No! He kissed her so strong and tight.
-Stop, Sasuke. Not at this way!
-It will be our only chance to make love with each other. She gazed at him with wide open eyes. Kakashi pretended he didn't heard anything and kept reading his book.
-How can you say such things like this? My feelings... my feelings for you, Sasuke...
-Then show me!
-No! No matter how much i love you, it would be totally wrong at this way. So let go of me!
-You are probably right. Sorry, i just wanted to... god, i hate... mmm...! Sakura stopped his words before he said something he would regret right after. A kiss so tender and sweet made him so soft like melted ice cream. He felt her hands on his buttocks. A little deep moan was on its right. Kakashi lowered his book and gazed at them with goggled eyes. 
 They started to snog and two minutes after, they began to undress. 
-No, that's not allowed in the prison. Kakashi raised himself. 

-Just mind your own business, Sensei.
-My oh my, Sasuke. You own no rights here.
-It's maybe our last time together.
-Yeah, but i make the rules here, and do not try to temp me to give you a lesson, Sasuke.
Suddenly they heard an enormously bang right outside. Sakura ran to the window and stared out.
-Naruto and Neji? No way, not again.
-Is it a fight? Kakashi asked.
-Y-yeah! Sakura mumbled.
-Stay here with Sasuke, i'll handle this. But i have to luck the door, and you two; behave yourself!
Then he walked outside.
-No, you killed her, Neji! So it was not my fault! Naruto´s voice trembled with rage and grief. 
-If you hadn't seduced her, she would still have been my girl and in alive!
-How pity of you, Neji! You would never have been man enough for her, so stop your foolish feelings for her!
NO! Hakke Shitenkusho! Naruto jumped up in the air and fell down on his feet again in Bijuu Mode.

-Stop now, Neji, you'll only lose this fight!
-NO! You shall pay back with your life.
-What in hell is that all about? Sasuke gazed at them.
-Long story as i told you earlier.
-Stop this fight, boys! Kakashi yelled so loud he could.
-Hakke Hasangeki! At the same time Naruto disappeared out in the blue.
-W-What happened? Sakura sounded nervous.
-He's safe! A calm deep voice sounded into her right ear.
-You did this with your eyes, Sasuke?
-Gimme some time alone, Sakura. I have to stay focus.
-Sure. Again she stared out in the night. Kakashi used his Nin-jutsu to see what happened.
-Oh my, oh my, Uchiha Sasuke. Saving an old friend, huh! Do you want to impress me with that? Kakashi shook his head and came with a deep sigh.
-Dammit! What happened? Neji used his Byakugan.
-Go home, Hyuga Neji. There's nothing more for you to do here at this time.
-No, i want to revenge Hinata!
-Blah di blah di blah! Kakashi gazed at Neji.
-Grrr! Neji turned around to leave the place immediately. But for Neji it wasn't over yet. He wanted to find out what happened to Naruto. He was sure it was Kakashi, because only Sharingan eyes could do this.
-Don't even think on it, Neji!
-Shut up! Neji raged out, and left the place immediately.
In the middle of all the chaos Naruto turned up again. Sasuke passed out pretty fast after, and fell heavily towards the floor. In slow motion Sakura turned around and looked down at him with frightened eyes.

Chapter 8: Love Hurts

-Sa... Sasuke-kun? Sasukeeeeee!!! Sakura fell down on her knees. You could see her tears dripped down over his face, so it looked like Sasuke cried. Naruto and Kakashi ran all what they could after they heard Sakura´s long pained scream. 
-What happened? Naruto wanted to know. Kakashi did all he could to open up the door to the cell.
-Sasuke! Can you hear me? Sakura let her hands scan him.
-He can't hear us, it's like he's in a kind of coma. She sniffed deep through.
-What? I don't understand, what happened exactly? I want to know the truth! Naruto stared at his Sensei.
-Calm down, Naruto. Well, Sasuke saved you from Neji´s attack, and...
-Saved me? I don't think i caught that right. Why in the name of Konoha should he save me?
-We don't know, Naruto, we don't know. Kakashi gave a deep sigh. Sakura still fought with her tears, so she better could heal her sweet badass.
-Each time i think i know Sasuke better, then he always surprises me over and over again, but this time... why?
-We need to get him on the hospital. Kakashi nodded down at Sasuke.
-No, i can heal him from here.
-Are you sure? Shall Naruto bring Lady Tsunade?
-No thanks, it's okay. She looked up on her Sensei and tried to smile.
-Don't pretend it's okay if it's serious, Sakura. Kakashi stared at her with spectacular eyes. At the same time a messenger showed up.
-I have a message for Haruno Sakura! He fainted hard through.
-Me? From whom?
-The Hospital! The 5th Hokage needs your assistance. He brought her the scroll. She read it carefully through.
-Oh no! She cried and looked up on Naruto. 
- It's about Hinata, right? Sakura nodded while her tears ran over her cheeks.
-Let me read it! He snapped the scroll from her shaking hands. In few seconds Naruto´s face turned white while his tears ran unruly over his face.
-What's happened? Asked Kakashi with a calm voice.
-She... she... she's dead...
-Maybe that's why Neji acted like this. Kakashi looked down at Sakura. She couldn't speak, her emotions was filled up with deep sadness.
-Stupid... stupid... ... stupid stubborn girl... she... she tried to save my... my life against Neji... Naruto succumbed and his lips quivered. He fell down on his knees, he couldn't speak nor see clear. His world crashed. Sakura was out of focus to help her best friend, and it hurt her so badly. Instead Kakashi took over. He hugged Naruto the best he could, as he was bad to deeper feelings. Kakashi turned around and gave an order to the messenger. 
-Hai! So fast as possible, Hatake Kakashi! The messenger bowed in respect. 

10 minutes later 

Naruto sobbed so heavy, that he didn't heard that his old Ero Sennin was there. 
-Naruto! Jiraiya knelt and wrapped his arms around his godson. Kakashi raised himself and walked over to Sakura which lay down and clung tightly around Sasuke at the same time she cried into his chest.
-That was exactly what i meant... when you're down like this, you can't concentrate yourself to heal 100 %, Sakura. Let's bring him to the hospital and then... 
-NO! I can handle this situation! 
-Do you want him to die? Dammit, he's in coma, can't you see that! She looked up at Kakashi and then again at Sasuke.
-I- I don't want him to... to die... I love him from the deepest place inside my heart, and... and i won't let any of the Kage execute him! At the same Sasuke gave a whine and called out his brothers name. Both of them stared at him.
-Sasuke! She touched gently his cheek.
-No one has mentioned the punishment for Sasuke´s coming future yet, Sakura-chan. Kakashi sighed.
-I want to see Hinata. I don't believe in her death. I want to see her, Ero Sennin! A growling sound came deep down from Naruto´s stomach. 
-Sure you shall, Naruto, Tsunade is already there. Jiraiya´s voice sounded very calm.
-Then she shall heal her and bring her to life... no she ain't dead, cuz i can feel her. I love her! He shouted so it gave a deep echo. Naruto´s voice was so powerful that Sasuke gave a twitch.
-Are you sure about that? Let's go immediately!
-I can feel her chakra, Ero Sennin. Bunshin no Jutsu! Naruto cloned himself and made one twin who could run faster than himself. As the situation was now he felt he was out of chakra. He wanted to see her immediately. Jiraiya winked at Kakashi and Sakura, then he disappeared with Naruto leaned up against him. 

In the house of Hyuga

-Where in the name of Konoha have you been, boy? Asked Neji´s father a bit sharp in his voice.
-You look like something the cat brought to the door. 
Suddenly his mother came out in the kitchen with a crying face. 
-What now? The father asked shocked.
- I just had a chat with Master Jiraiya... they came by... him and Uzumaki Naruto. Jiraiya told... he heard... that Hinata just died of inner bleeding. Everyone was quiet. Neji couldn't feel his legs. He ran all he could to his chamber and slammed the door. 
-Noooooo! She could impossible be dead! Hinata, my Princess... my sweetest beloved Princess... I loved you... I- I loved you the whole way through inside my heart... you belonged to me... for-forgive me... forgive me! FORGIVE ME, MY LOVE! He yelled with full lungs, and hugged this jacket she wear that day he had hit her. He sobbed hard through. 

-Stay with me... just stay with me... i'm so sorry, Hinata... I can't live without you... He cried like never before in his entire life. The lost of her split him into two pieces. He felt the pain ripped out his heart. His throat was swollen and was buried in guilt. 
-Hinata... ... ... Neji took a deep breath and raised himself. He leaved the house to visit Lady Tsunade. He wanted to know if she could do something, maybe bring Hinata back to life, even he knew it was impossible to do. He felt the way was longer than normal, but kept going. He wanted to confess to his Hokage. He was no longer bent on revenge for Naruto, he knew it was not his friend's fault. It all went on pure jealousy. Seeing his beautiful Princess love one of his friends more than him, was unbearable to stare at. He knew that he was guilty of Hinata´s death.
Finally he came to Tsunade´s house, but nobody was there. He gave a deep sigh. He walked out on her terrace, and sat down on the railings, so he could get a beautiful view over her pond. He started over again to cry. It was dark before Tsunade came home, but she wasn't alone. Jiraiya and Naruto was there too. Neji wanted to hide himself at the same, he heard Jiraiya´s voice.
-You did, what you could, Hime.
-I know, now we just have to wait.
-Naruto, why not take a nap, then i'll cook some delicious food for us. Jiraiya sent him a crooked smile.
-I can't sleep. He showed a sad face.
-Well, at least take a hot cup of tea.
-Thanks, Sensei. Neji spied at them. He hoped he could be alone with Tsunade, but it seemed impossible. He gave a deep sigh and tried to catch some courage to knock on the door. He saw Tsunade walked out on the bathroom. He heard that she switched on the shower. It was his chance to be alone with her, he had to tell her about his guilt. Quietly he crawled in through the window. With no warning he confessed her.

-Sorry, Tsunade, i killed Lady Hinata!
-Neji! What are you doing here? Go home, if Jiraiya sees you, he would... 
-Shush! Listen to me, please, Tsunade! 
-I have no reasons to listening to you. Go!
-No! Please listen! It was me! I am guilty for Hinata´s death, and i am ready for the punishment.
-What? Guilty in her death and now you want me to punish you? Oh, maybe you want me to do some naughty things to you, eh? Go home! Her voice sounded cold.
-You don't think it's hard for me too?
-Um... actually no, Neji. You came here after she broke up with you, what do you want me to think? It was so indeed wrong of me to have this affair with you, so wrong. He heard a deep sigh from her.
-I see... but i haven't regrets nothing what we had. Can i ask you a favor? His eyes showed sadness, but the way he looked at her, made her weak for a short moment.
-What about? She tried to sound a bit strict to him. Tears filled up his eyes.
-C-Can you wake Hinata to alive again?
-I didn't knew you were so unwise, Neji? Tsunade gave a deep sigh.
-Neji, could you please hand me my Kimono?
-S-Sure! Tsunade stretched out an arm and grabbed it.
She covered her body with her short black kimono and walked out . Neji´s eyes became large.
-W-What do you mean with unwise? 

-I'm sure you know what i mean, Neji. Tsunade tried to wrap a towel around her long hair but without any luck. She looked into the mirror, where Neji caught her eyes and looked into her adorable eyes. Her cheeks flushed when their eyes met, and her heart gave an extra skip. The hair fell down again. She looked tired and despairing. Neji snatched the towel and began to wipe her hair gently.
-Tell me, please, i just want her back and for Naruto´s sake too. He kissed her neck with tenderness.
-Stop! Her voice sounded hoarse.
-Sorry, but you tempted me. He smiled.
-I... yeah maybe... I... Tsunade turned around in slow motion and gave him a sucking kiss.
-I'm sorry for the way i betrayed you, but i belongs to Jiraiya only. Go and find a girl on your own age, Neji. Her eyes was filled up with tears. Now Neji knew she still had deep feelings for him. 
-Tsunade? Jiraiya knocked on the door.
-You have to leave. She whispered sharp through.
-Not before you tell me how to save her!
-I only know two guys who owns those powers to bring back people to life. She looked at him with worried eyes.
-Whom might that be?
-Orochimaru and Madara. Do not dare to seek out those two infamous pigs. Well, Madara is excluded! Orochimaru, no, just let it be. But Lady Hinata is in...
-To give up on her, hell no! He yelled.
-Tsunade, who's with you?
-No one, my love, i'm alone!
-Tsunade, do you still love me?
-No, Neji, I... you confuses me! Now leave before it's too late! BUT; Jiraiya had already opened the door.
-What the hell is he doing here? Naruto turned up behind Jiraiya.
-It's not what you think, he just came by and...
-Enough, Tsunade!
-No, she's telling the truth! I just wanted to ask her to bring back Hinata.
-When Tsunade takes a bath? How stupid do you think i am, boil head! Jiraiya became so mad he turned into Sage Mode

-Ero Sennin?
-Yes, i can't deny i saw her naked, but i...
-KABOOM!!! Neji flew over Naruto´s head and landed inside the living room. Naruto turned around and stared with enlarged eyes at Neji.
-JIRAIYA! How could you?
-Shut up, Hime! I'm the only man in your life, and i'll fight for you till the end of my life!
-Oh, you were just jealous! She laughed.
-I just wanted you to bring back Hinata, for i'm not sure i can live without her, but she belongs to Naruto only. Neji tried to raise himself, but it hurt to much. He stared up on all three of them.
-I know, Neji, believe me, i know. He walked to Neji to help him up.
-Thanks and sorry for my way to split you from her, and i admit it was my fault she died.
-What the hell are you talking about, pal?
-She ain't dead. Tsunade stabilized her. Naruto came with a smile.
-Sta-Sta-Stabilized her, huh? He started to cry over again.
-Exactly. I tried to explain it to you, but you were focused on, how to bring her back to life and... Tsunade stopped before she told something she might regret later.
-HMMPH... She heard a growling behind her. She turned around and stared into her lovers big toad eyes. She kissed him with her silk lips, so he thought, he saw a shooting star.
-I love you, you sexy big perverted toad! She laughed.
-Huh ah! He pointed at her. 
-Excuse us boys, but there're something i need to do right now. She grabbed Jiraiya´s long beard and dragged him into the bedroom.
-Not now, Hime!!! The dinner!
-To hell with the dinner when i want sex!
The boys stood there like two stone dead gargoyles. They gazed how Jiraiya unsuccessfully tried to resist her, but she got her will. Loudly moaning sounds broke through the door.
-Let's visits Hinata, my friend, because we won't be witness to this. Naruto came with a smirk.
-Y-Yeah. He couldn't move any single limb of his body. His love to this special woman would never die, there would always burn a little love flame inside his heart for her. He knew this was a final goodbye. Tears filled up his eyes.
-C'mon, let's move on. Naruto smiled and gave his friend a shoulder nudge.

In the jail of Konoha

Sakura hadn't gave up on her love. She used all her power to bring him out of this coma or what ever it was, but inside Sasuke´s mind something happened. Sasuke were back in his childhood after he started on the academy. His eagerness to kill his brother, brought him to live in his past.
-No, Itachi! You will never become the strongest of the two of us, and i'll prove it to you, Nii-san!  
-Foolish, little brother! You can't even use your Sharingan for some good. How pity. 
-SHUT UP! Sasuke opened his eyes and stared into Sakura´s eyes with wildness. His Mangekyō Sharingan eyes glowed.
-Sasuke, wake up, will you, please! Suddenly she flew against the wall. Sasuke had hit her and stood on his legs and treated her with his Chidori. 

-No please, Sasuke!
-You'll never win over me, now i'll slaughter you down like you did to our clan! Sakura could see he meant it, she was frighten and could do nothing.
-Ka-Kakashi Sensei! She stared at the lightning and saw it came closer to her face. 
-What's up, Sakura?
-Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu! Kakashi´s dogs surrounded Sasuke and hold him down with their big jaws and sharp fangs.
-Oh, Kakashi, no, don't hurt him like this! She cried out. Sakura could see how it affected Sasuke.
-I had to do. It's you or him. By the way, Sakura, you remember; my dogs will only kill at my command.
-Ye-Yeah, but he's not himself, it's like he's in a transformation from the past or something, as he cried out his brothers name. She stared at Sasuke with frighten eyes.
-I see. Kakashi nodded.
-DIE! Sasuke´s Mangekyō Sharingan kept staring into Sakura´s eyes. 
-You can't command an order while my dogs attacks you, Sasuke, so stop now.
-No one gives me orders!
-Sasuke! For heavens sake, come back to me, do you hear me? I-I love you. Suddenly he collapsed.
-Nooo! What now? She screamed.
-Huh? Kakashi stared down at him. Sakura bowed down over him and felt his forehead burned of fever. Kakashi decided to call back his dogs.
-This is weird, and why does this happen? Kakashi Sensei, can you bring me Lady Shizune, i really need her help now!!! Her tears flowed like a torrent down her face. 
-Of course. But before i go, i need to get Jiraiya here if something like this should happen again. He called on a messenger to bring Jiraiya. It was too risky to let Sakura stay alone with Sasuke like this.

Chapter 9: The Beast Inside Of Me

Kakashi was very nervous for what the next move from Sasuke could bring alive. He walked up and down the prison corridor area between the cells. Kakashi had no peace in his heart, and was very anxious about not only Sakura, but also Sasuke. But right now he had to leave them alone in one moment, because he had a tremendously urge to pee and it was his responsibility to keep an eye on those two.
-Dammit! Where's that old Hermit! Growled Kakashi and stared after the two young people. Sasuke was still down with fever. Sakura sniffled in silence.
-Jeez! Pakkun, show yourself.
-You called me, Kakashi?
-Can you do me a favor to keep a tight look at those two kids?
-You bet on it, but why? Pakkun glared with two big tired eyes up at his Master and best friend.
-Because i have to pee! Yeah, dammit, i must go now! Kakashi disappeared out in the dark evening.
-I think he's become older since last time i saw him. Sheesh! Pakkun gave a deep sigh and sat down on his buttocks and stared at Sakura. Pakkun was too tired, so he laid himself down, but kept a close eye on Sakura.
Outdoor Kakashi freed himself from his heavy burden. He were so delighted, that he hadn't noticed a shadow sneaked behind his back.

--------Konoha Hospital--------

-I'm not sure to let more people in, young man!
-But-But i have to see her. She's my girlfriend! Two shiny bright blue eyes stared into the face of the nurse outside Hinata Hyuga's room.
-I can't let you pass, she's very weak. The nurse looked with a strength gaze, but also worried eyes after Naruto.
-But-But what do you mean with more people?
-There're already four on visit, so you must wait till an another day.
-Hell no! Naruto cried out with tears in his eyes. He walked determined and resolute inside to Hinata.
-Young man, you must stay here! She grabbed out after his arm, but Neji stopped her.
-Let him go! She's my cousin, and he has my accept to visit her. Is that clear enough! The gaze from Neji frighted the nurse, so she decided to leave them alone. 

-Ha! The eyes of Hyuga always scares the hell out of people. Neji laughed inside of him. But suddenly he became serious when he was thinking on Tsunade. The only woman who wasn't afraid of his eyes, instead she was passionate by them. He gave an extra sigh. Damned he loved that woman, and more than he would admit to himself. He raised his head and looked after Hinata and began to walk over to see her for first time in many days.
Hi guys. I didn't knew you were here? Shikamaru, Temari, Rock Lee and Tenten stared at Naruto with sad faces.
-Hi, Naruto and Neji. Tenten´s face burned of anger, but also in sadness then Neji looked into her eyes.
-Hinata, my love, i'm here! He whispered with sweetness in his voice and sat down on the bed and hold her sweet little hand in his enormous hand. He started to cry. She always responded him back with; H-Hi, Na-Naruto-kun. He did not hear her stammer out his name, nor he saw her blushing face, she just lay there in the hospital bed in sad silence. No one mediated a word. A whole new feelings came to Neji, then he saw Hinata like this. His feelings for her was very different now. Again he felt her more like a sister, as he did from their childhood. He had fooled himself from the beginning, he knew that now, but Hinata had paid for his bad behavior.
-Sorry, Naruto... this is my fault only... He began to sob heavily through.
-I hope you're satisfied now! Tenten ran out with tears flowing over her face.

-Will she ever wake up again? Rock Lee wanted to know.
-Give her time, old friend. Shikamaru gave his friend a consoling pat on the back.
-She will... she will wake up again.
-How do you know? Temari asked very calm.
-Lady Tsunade told me. Naruto kept his eyes on Hinata.
-I'll leave you now... I am a bad person. Neji turned around and walked away with slowly steps. Before no one could stop him, he was already gone.


He fought bravely with his strong emotions. He did not knew where to go or what to do. This beast inside him wanted to come out, and he had to do something about it. He ended up in the forest. The rain poured down. He kept on walking until he fell down on his knees of exhaustion.
-WHY? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME? He cried out. His lips quivered of anger, fear and sadness. His tears flowed free. Suddenly the beast showed its face and came out. Neji howled up against the moon like a howling werewolf. It felt like he couldn't control this situation. It felt like he was becoming mad. Alone in the world with nobody to love him, he started to cry like a baby.
-Neji, don't cry, stay strong for me...

-Hinata, why are you here? ... Neji stretched out his arm to touch her.
-Shh... I'll always be with you, no matter what happens.
-But...but... i... i killed you... are you a ghost?
-It was my own fault. I should have known Naruto was strong enough to protect himself, but i didn't wanted to see you two slaughter one another.
-I would never have killed my friend Naruto, but i was jealous, so damn jealous at him!
-I know. Don't be jealous, i never stopped loving you, and will never do, as i see you like a brother to me.
-A brother? I see.
-Neji-san, don't fight this war alone, stay with our friends, i want you to survive this war.
-Y-Yes, i'll do that for you, but... but i love you so it hurts my soul, please, forgive me. He looked deep into her eyes, and saw she cried.
-Yeah, i can forgive you, Neji, and promise me to stay close to Naruto. She stretched her hand out for him. Neji took her hand and kissed it. 
-I promise! Right after she disappeared out in the blue. He woke up with tears streaming down his cheeks. He looked up at the dark rainy sky above him. He was empty inside his head.

Twenty minutes after he raised himself up. He looked out in the dark evening and began to walk. Neji wanted to train in the mountains.
-As nobody cares for me i can free do what i want, and i'm sure no one will look after me either! It seems like people all around don't know how close this war is near. Maybe we all will die! Madara will continue until he win this dammed war, but i won't let him, for he can bet on i'll fight back and protect my family and friends at any price it costs! Byakugan! Felt better. Now he could see where he walked. He started to run, but continued in the trees.

--------Konoha Prison--------

-My oh my, Shizune! You'll never learn that you can't sneak behind my back, do you? Kakashi was happy that it was dark and she couldn't see his cheeks blushed pink.
-So, if i couldn't scare you, then at least i could make you turn red in your face. She giggled.
-Hm, not at all.
Yeah, c'mon, you blushed because you were peeing.
-Nope! He turned around and looked deep into her dark beauty eyes. Now she blushed.
-Why do you keep staring at my mouth?
-Because... He took a hold around her neck. She felt his sweet lips. Suddenly they heard a big bang. Jiraiya showed up.
-Sorry, Kakashi, but i had to finish... i meant, i was stock in Tsunade... um...just forget it! However, now i'm here! He coughed and glared innocent on Kakashi.
-Well, it's too late anyway. Pakkun is there to keep an eye on those two, especially Uchiha Sasuke as he got a new bout of, well, it's probably a bit complicated so far. But it's good you're here anyway, thank you, old friend.
-So is he cursed?
-Uchiha Sasuke!
-I have no clue. Kakashi shook his head and looked at Shizune.
-Could it be Uchiha Madara? Shizune asked with fears in her eyes.
-Possible. Jiraiya looked at both of them.
-Cursed him, but why should he? Kakashi came out with a long deep sigh.
-The war! Shizune eyes met Kakashi.
-You mean, he wants to use Sasuke and connects both of their Susanoo to attack the village? Kakashi stared at Shizune and then Jiraiya.
-I am afraid she is right in her point. Jiraiya nodded.
-Susanoo is very powerfully from those two.
-What about the five Kage? Shizune wanted to know.
-It seems impossible how it looks right now.
-Yeah, you're right about that, Kakashi.
Jiraiya began to walk indoor.
-You better should take a look at Sasuke, Shizune. Kakashi took her hand in his and they followed after the old Master.

-Oh, look at this sweet girl, she's sleeping over Sasuke! Jiraiya came up with a silly smile. 
Kakashi was more worryingly and speculatively than happy. To see Sakura suffering at this way made him sad.
-What's going on? Shizune stared down at the two young people.
-We need to find out why Sasuke acted like this, after he saved Naruto from Neji´s foolish attack. Kakashi shook his head.
-Why not ask your rival friend Guy? Jiraiya looked at him with a serious glance in his eyes.
-Yeah, as he trained them, he must know every little single movement of Neji.
-Hmm... maybe you're right, but still, it won't solve our problems with Sasuke on any way. Shizune, my dear... um... maybe you should try to scan him?
-But... but... Lady Tsunade is much better than i am, so maybe we should call her.
-Negative! I just told her goodbye as she had to meet up with the other four Kage.
-Why? Shizune asked.
-If you don't know why, Lady Shizune, i won't tell you. Jiraiya stared at her with small eyes.
-I... I... don't understand what you mean.
-What are you up to with her, old man?
-Because of this! Jiraiya clapped his hands together and bit his right thumb.
-Kuchiyose: Gama Guchi Shibari!

-NO, JIRAIYA! Kakashi jumped out in front of Shizune to protect her. Even Kakashi was fast, he was late out. Jiraiya already had her inside the toad´s flesh.
-Dammit, your old toad!
-I can still hear you, Kakashi! Oh, and you, you who always brags about; "I can see what you do before you do it!" CRAP!

-Shut up and just tell me why?
-Why i caught her? Well, it's not Shizune i can tell ya for sure!
-You see, Kakashi, i know women and how they look inside their eyes, when they're in deep love with the only man their heart beats for! Kakashi was listening to the old hermit's words and couldn't hear any laugh after this too long breathtaking story.
-How could i fail? Whom might this person be? No, i mean are you totally sure?
-Yup! Now, excuse me. Everything became silent. Suddenly a big bang could be hearing. It was like an exploring firework.
-What the hell? Kakashi´s eyes became very large.
-I told ya!
-He pretend to be my Shizune? Kakashi was lamed to the ground.
-My love? Kakashi turned around and saw Shizune standing in the door with Tonton under her left arm.
-I should have known better! How could i fail so big?
-Huh!? She looked at him and now over at Jiraiya which he still was standing with the dead traitor in his arms.
-Yes, as i said before, Kakashi, you have become older the last several days! Pakkun came out with a deep sigh and looked up at him, but Pakkun regretted it when he saw Kakashi´s furious eyes.
-Or maybe not! I better should go out and find a tree i could pee on! Pakkun ran all he could outdoor.

-And I better should find the five Kage and hand over this guy here. I am sure they'll be interested to know he was sent out to kill Sasuke.
-You think so? In this case we mustn't get Sasuke out of our sight in one single moment! Kakashi stared down at Sakura and Sasuke.
-I'll check up on them.
-Yes, do that, Lady Shizune. In the mean time, Kakashi, you should find out which country this guy is from, for he ain't alone, and I am fully suspicious, so it creaks completely out in my fingertips.
-I am sure we're thinking the same thought this time.
-Oh, yeah, and one more thing, mate; give Shizune an apology for your bad behavior! Jiraiya was gone.
-What's that supposed to mean? Kakashi was lost.
-For kissing the wrong person i guess! Shizune giggled.
-So, now you're laughing at me, huh! I'll show how to kiss and punish such a naughty Lady!
-Irk! That's disgusting!
-Shut your mouth, Uzumaki Karin! Kakashi´s dark eyes showed her his badass look.
-Uh, i love when guys like you and Sasuke shows your inner passion to me like this! Karin shouted it out at the same time she sent him a sweet smile.

-Poor girl! Shizune stared at her.
-Yeah, poor little innocent Karin, will stay here the next 20 years of her miserable life.
-No! You can't do this to me, in that case i'll be with Sasuke in same cell, so i can kiss him and tell him how much i love him! She looked dreamy in her face.
-Or maybe he would kill you before you ever could say the word "love".
-My Sasuke... not my Sasuke... look at this pink-head! She stole him from me!
-Shut the scar, Karin. I'll leave you, and i trust in you, my dearest, Shizune, for i know you have the strength to handle this situation, if Sasuke should wake up and continue where he was before he passed out...
-Yes, i can drug him with my medicine until you're back again.
-I know. Jiraiya will soon be back again, but me; i'll not return until i've found these persons behind this attack.
-We all counts on you. She kissed him goodbye. Kakashi stared at her. It was like he not wanted to say goodbye. Suddenly he pushed her up against the wall and planted a long deep wet kiss on her pink lips.
-I must leave you now before i go further with this, and as i said to Sasuke; it's not allowed to do such things like this in the prison. His eyes was full of passion and he gave her another deep kiss she never had felt in her entire life. Before she could react, he was already gone with the wind.
-Love is beautiful, isn't it! Karin looked dreamy.
-Indeed! Shizune came with a long dreamy sigh
But she was very concerned about Kakashi. A silent tear ran down her cheek.

Chapter 10/Part 1 - The Five Kage: The Judgement

-We cannot wait no longer, Lady Tsunade! The 4th Raikage looked with furious eyes after the 5th Hokage, she was not smiling at all.
-I heard you! I just explained to each one of you, that Uchiha Sasuke is sick and we have to wait until he can stay on his feet again.
-NO! The Raikage roared out.
-Let's all discuss this as adults, after all we have a rank as Kage. A sweet voice purred through all the vociferous voices so calmly as a cute kitten.
-Lady Mei have a point there! The 3rd Tsuchikage Onoki´s eyes looked at Tsunade and the Raikage with beady eyes.
-What do you have to say, Lord Gaara?
-It was you who was attacked by Uchiha Sasuke!
-Yeah... um... let's just wait.

-WHAT? The Raikage exploded 3 times.
-Is there something wrong, kid? Onoki stared at his younger friend. But Gaara stared out in the blue air without to set focus at anything important.
-He's in love, can't you see that! Mei smiled and winked at Gaara.
-Stop bullying him, Mei, as you're the last person on earth to know anything about love!
-Mind your own business, Lady Tsunade, the woman who's always hunted by an old perverted stalker!

-I'm not! He's my... oh, why not shut up and let's concentrate about the Uchiha kid! Her eyes became small and she was ready for a fight if the Mizukage should keep going on with her childish talk.
-Oh i see, you and Master Jiraiya as pairs? A truly unusual combination to pair together!
-What did you just say, eh!? Tsunade raised herself, and Mei did the same.
-ENOUGH! I won't hear a damn word more about your love prattle and whinging! The Raikage boiled of anger.
-But... love is a beautiful thing you know.
-Lord Gaara? Onoki´s eyes became large.
-NONSENSE! The Raikage slammed his fist hard down the table, so all the teacups danced. Gaara gave a gasp and looked up at the face on the big and terrifying muscle-bound.
Onoki shook his head. None of you put focus on the true problem.
-I do, old man!
-True! But as Raikage you should never show you anger like this way, you have to control it.
-Good, now we can maybe work together as the strongest Kage we are. Oh, by the way, Lord Gaara, stay focus and cut out your dreamworld! Onoki smiled.

-S-Sorry! He blushed.
-Tell once again, Gaara-sama, what did Uchiha Sasuke do to you? The Raikage´s voice was deep.
-He challenged me in the Desert. Him and Kisame from the Akatsuki Organization. I'm not sure what his truly point was, because it seemed he not had in mind to kill me. In one second i believed him, even his way to speak to me was very childish and so arrogant. I tried to persuade him to his senses, but at the same time Kisame attacked me, but my siblings came to my rescue and managed to catch Kisame. But Uchiha Sasuke used a vile Jutsu, which means that he evoked an enormous white snake that slowly but surely would kill me. For some reason he spared my life, what I first observed when I passed out from exhaustion. The last word i heard was; Do not kill the Kazekage, and then i passed out. Gaara stared down the table.
-Very good, Lord Gaara, but do not forget what he did earlier to other people and especially not to my brother Bee! I'll shatter him for that!
-NO! He belongs to my village and i knew his parents long before he was born and his brother too. Tsunade flamed of anger.
-You've always been so damn namby-pamby, Tsunade! The Raikage growled out.
-LADY TSUNADE! How many times do i have to spell it out!
-HA-HA-HA!!! Mei spat her tea out in the face of the Hokage.
-What's so funny? She looked with grumpy eyes at her rival.
-Are you seriously talking to yourself, Hokage Tsunade, such an old Lady you have become! Mei laughed so she barely could sit on the chair. Tsunade burned of anger, but she kept her mouth shouted. Jiraiya was still teaching her to calm down and meditate and not attack people, just because they called her something she didn't liked to hear. It was hard to learn, because she had to be patience to sit in meditation pose with a toad on her head. Jiraiya even wanted her to talk to them too, but there he crossed her limited willingness to an impossible and intolerable chitchat with an animal which only could say; Ribbet. How lame was that? When she came to think on it; Mei sounded like a toad and her eyes stared at her like a big brown toad Jiraiya put down to her last morning. Poor Jiraiya, she hunted him down to the pond and was watching over him for ages. He hided himself under the water, until she left him for taking a bath. Tsunade laughed inside. Damn she loved that pervert with all her heart. He was funny and a good chef in the kitchen. Oh yeah, when it came to that, he was a darn good chef in the bed too. A silly stupid smile crossed her pink lips.

-What are you smiling at, Lady Tsunade? The Raikage growled. Tsunade couldn't hear him, she was too far away in her daydreaming about her pervert.
-Oi! Lady Tsunade!
-What? She looked at Mei.
-Stop dreaming about Master Jiraiya at while you're on work! Tsunade blushed.
-Shut up, Mei!
-Alright! I'm so pissed now! Finally Lord Gaara can speak out and tell us what happened, then you two silly chickens babbling about sex in the middle of an important meeting about a mans right to live or not! Disgusting! The Raikage was furious.
-You're such a grumpy man, Raikage! Just because you haven't experience love on a deeper plan, you own no right to be so heartless! Mei looked at him.
-NANDA!? Why are you so mean to me? It's more important to guard your land instead to write a novel about perverted love or more worst; stand in the middle of the street and read that ridiculous nonsense!
-Oh i see! You're jealous, aren't you, Raikage?
-On whom?
-I guess you're talking about Master Jiraiya and Hatake Kakashi! Tsunade´s voice cracked over.
-I DO! Master Jiraiya is a playboy and Kakashi Sensei has no limits for his behavior among the kids! How low is that? He yelled out.
-NANI!? Tsunade´s eyes turned red. She stretched her arm out in full length and slammed The Raikage into the wall. No one said a word, even not Mei. Tsunade sat down and breathed deeply through. She closed her eyes for a while. She had to pull herself together.
-So, what do you think about to visit Uchiha Sasuke in the jail and hear Lady Shizune´s opinion about his illness? Onoki looked around with frighten eyes. 
-I think it's a brilliant idea. Gaara nodded and crossed his arms.
-Surely, why not! But not to mention, that he also attacked me for years ago! She nodded.
-Yes, we know that, Lady Mei, as i was there too to help you out, and i caught him with my technique Jinton. Onoki sounded irritated.
-Yeah, and you told us, that you have turned Uchiha Sasuke into dust, but it failed, old baka!
-How could i know that Uchiha Tobi turned up and rescued him and this hysterical chick to Uzumaki Karin! They disappeared into a dimension where we couldn't follow! The old man grumbled displeased.
-Well, you cannot change the past, only the future and what it might bring. Gaara let it leak out in such a marvelous way, then the other Kage only could appreciate his wisdom.
Finally the Raikage was on his feet again with a headache so painful, so he thought he had been on a drinking spree last night.
-Damn you, Lady Tsunade!

-You better thank me instead. You shouldn't talk bad about people when they ain't here and cannot answer back!
-That's right. Kazekage Gaara agreed.
-Well, if we can't arriving at an agreement with one another, so is the only resort to visit Uchiha Sasuke in Konohagakure. Can you agree with me? Onoki looked at them all.
All voted for the agreement. The other four Kage looked at Gaara.
-Very well! We'll do that tomorrow early in the morning! He nodded satisfied and crossed his arms.
The other four Kage nodded too.
-Are you sure you can get up early, Lady Tsunade, as it's one of your weakness!? She did not laughed this time, but looked with seriously cat-eyes after her rival.
-Is it jealousy, I sense from you, Lady Mei? Tsunade raised her up and a smile filled out her face.
-Keep dreaming, Queen of Slugs, married with the King of Toads! Both of you are freaks! Mei raised herself up. She gave a quick toss of her head, so Tsunade felt her long red hair whip into her face.
-Enough! A deep voice broke through.
-Jiraiya!? Tsunade looked at him.
-Is this the kindergarten? Yeah, for maybe i walked into the wrong building! No one claimed a word.
-Let's go already, Jiraiya.
-Are you jealous, Lady Mei?
-No way!
-Is it because i never fell for you?
-You know exactly what i mean.
-See ya all tomorrow. Mei left the building with a  bad taste in her mouth.
-Wow! What was that all about? Tsunade looked with shocked eyes at him. Jiraiya's face was serious and he avoided to answer her back.
-I'll come and pick you up at eight O'Clock. Hokage Lady Tsunade-sama. Gaara bowed and showed her respect.
-A deal, Kazekage Gaara-sama! She smiled very friendly.
All left the Kazekage´s office.

-So what have you found out? Jiraiya wanted to know.
-We'll meet up in the jail tomorrow to see which results Lady Shizune got out of Uchiha Sasuke.
-The results ain't good, Tsunade. He bowed his head.
-What do you mean by that?
-It seems he has been effected with some virus for long time ago. It must have been Kisame who did that.
-Are you kidding me?
-Nope! He is cloudy and all the way through unstable.
-Which mean; he can wake up whenever it should be and then attack even Sakura, Naruto or whoever it might be.
-That is really worrisome! She gasped.
-Yeah, Kakashi is ready to jink him and then Lady Shizune to anesthetize him, if it gets that far.
-Do not underestimate him, sweetheart.
-I know he's fast, but none other than Kakashi, know him better than he does.
-Yeah, but still...
-Don't be worry, my love! He kissed her tenderly. Jiraiya called out for Gama, so he could bring them safe home to Konoha.

Everything was chaos when they went home. Both of them had to use their time searching for Sasuke which was escaped from the jail on some how. Jiraiya was worried about Kakashi and Sakura then he heard it. No one had seen Kakashi and Sakura since he escaped.
-What do we do about this? Tsunade asked Jiraiya.
-Huh? You're the Hokage, Tsunade.
-Yeah, but i only asked for your advice. Her big brown eyes shined on a special way then she looked at him.
-We need Naruto!
-He's out of focus those days were Lady Hinata is still fighting for her surviving.
-We have no time for love in these times, we're in the middle of a war. He must be concentrated about that one hundred percent. One word; focus, Tsunade!
-Yeah i know. I'm worried for my assistant Shizune too. She showed a sad face.
-I do understands you, but...
-Very well, i'll gather two groups to find them.
-Good, my love. You know, we're talking about Hatake Kakashi and...
-Yeah, yeah, he's your best client of your silly books, we all know that too well. Something else to confess before you leave? She looked at him with small eyes.
-Yeah, now you mention it. You're jealous, and i love that, Hime! He giggled.
-Do you want me to hurt you very badly before our goodbye kiss?
-Nah... Suddenly she squeezed him tightly to her bosom.
-Be sure to come home again in one piece!
-Help me, i can't breathe! You're strangling me with the big boobs of yours!!!
-Baka ya ro! She pushed him away. Jiraiya hugged her tightly into his chest and bowed down his head to give her a deep sweet wet kiss on her mouth.
-When i get home again, i'll invite you out, Hime. He disappeared.
-My pervert... God i love you! She smiled and turned back to her office where Lady Shizune was waiting with some good and bad news.

-A-Are you here, Shizune, how can it be?
-Kakashi brought me back in time... then he ran out to find Uchiha Sasuke, because, he... he took Sakura with him, but he was like a wild animal, no, more like... i can't describe it. She began to cry.
-Shh... take it easy, we'll go to bring them all back. Tsunade hugged her tight. It shocked Shizune as Tsunade never gives out hugs to anyone.
-B-But i also have some good news! She tried to smile through her tears.
-What might that be? Tsunade looked suspiciously at her.
-Um... Hyuga Hinata opened her eyes for the first time for a half hour ago!
-Hinata, you say, huh! But that's good news, and Naruto, is he informed?
-Not yet!
Suddenly you could hear an enormous bang outside the street. The both Ladies looked out the window.

Chapter 10/Part 2 - The Five Kage: An Unexpected Direction

-Uchiha Sasuke? How dare he to show his damn face here after what happened last! Tsunade showed her furious face.
-Is he alone, My Lady?
-I'm not sure... Tsunade peered around Sasuke to see if he had assembled his old team; Hebi, but she observed nothing.
-But, where is Lady Sakura?
-Sakura! NO! Look what he'd done with her!
Sasuke had caught Sakura with his Susanoo. She hung upside down between these huge arms of this giant purple monster. It looked like she slept. Sakura was completely in Sasuke´s control.

-We have to gather all five Kage right on the spot!! Tsunade yelled and knocked her right fist through the window so it smashed into thousand pieces. At the same the Susanoo observed the crash of the window and looked directly into Tsunade´s eyes.
-Oh no! She gasped.
-What now, my Lady?
-I think it saw me! Her eyes became large with small pupils.
-This purple monster?
-Yeah, i'm so sure or Uchiha Sasuke did, as i know he controls it with his chakra, when he have the Mangekyo Sharingan eyes. Holy Konoha, where's Jiraiya? I hope he found Kakashi and...

-Don't be worry, my Lady, we'll handle this together and i'm sure Master Jiraiya will turn up with Kakashi Sensei. Shizune tried to hide her tears behind her big smile, as she feared something bad was happened to him, but she also knew he was a survivor.
Suddenly something new happened. Sasuke´s old comrades from the academy surrounded him and was ready to stop his attack. Tsunade knew she could count on them, and also they spared his life. She called four Ninja´s to bring out her message to each of the four Kage.
-I've never seen you so worried before, Lady Tsunade, has it something to do about Master Jiraiya?
-I am not obliged to tell you anything concerning my private life, Shizune!
-Sorry, My Lady. Her eyes showed nervous anxiety when her deep dark eyes met her Hokage´s brown golden eyes. Shizune tried to figure out, why her Hokage looked so upset. Suddenly the door opened and Jiraiya stepped inside the office with Kakashi hanging in to him.
Shizune was so taken by surprise that she lost Tonton, so the pig landed on its tail, so it gave a pitiful grunt.
-Oink!!! But none of the two ladies heard her, as they were busy to hug and caress their beloved men.
-Poor little thing!
-Am i?
-I wasn't talking to you, Tsunade, but your pig.
-Pardon me?
-Tonton! Jiraiya pointed at the sad little pig.
In the middle of their conversation they heard a sound so big which pierced all four of them on the most unexpected way. The wall to the office were torn away by the giant Susanoo. The whole room was lit by black flames. In the same second Jiraiya responded impulsively.
-Kuchiyose: Gamaguchi Shibari !
All of them was surrounded by flesh inside the stomach of the fire-breathing toad.
-Now, we can only hope that Uchiha Sasuke aren't using his Amaterasu.
-Yeah... cough... cough... i guess you remember what his brother did, as you told me for long time ago, Jiraiya.
-Sure i do! Damn you, Kakashi!
-I just summarize it for you, my old friend.
-Thanks for the update, Kakashi, really helpful for me! Jiraiya replied sarcastically back with a fiercely glance.
-You two idiots, shut the hell up!
-Lady Tsunade! Shizune glared at her with blushing cheeks.
-No, i meant it! Do not underestimate Sasuke.
-I remember now. Each single movements can be registered by the Susanoo. Kakashi informed very well.
-I don't want to be quiet and i will surely challenge him anytime!
-Foolish of you, Baka! Tsunade pushed him down. Her eyes stared wild down at him.
-You think so, well, only cowards looks away.
-Jiraiya, listen to me; we have to wait for the other Kage to handle Sasuke. It would be so irresponsible without the other Kage and very foolish and the most idiotic move we could perform. He is immensely strong. Sasuke's strength can be measured with Naruto. We must in no way tempt fate. Do you understand what I mean, dear? To lose ... to lose you ... I ... I've lost before and ... it ... I ... I love you ... you must not ...
-Stop it, Tsunade... I love you more than you ever can imagine! He took her into his chest and felt how she cried.
-Stop it both of you! Your whining will never be sold as a bestseller! So no matter what happens from now on, we must keep our heads clear. Kakashi starred at them and then at Shizune. Her heart gave an extra skip. His right eye looked deep inside hers. She cuddled Tonton and fought with her tears. 

-You cannot hide yourself for good, so why don't you just come out to play with me! Sasuke´s deep voice sang it out on a sarcastic way.
-Let me handle this situation. Kakashi raised himself up and limped off.
-Not without me! Jiraiya kissed quickly Tsunade and raised up in full length.
-You stay here, both of you!!! Tsunade wiped away her tears.
-No, not this time Hime, now i'm the one who gives orders.
-You must obey my orders, fool ya fool! I have already summoned the other Kage. They may be right on the stairs.
-We can handle this, Lady Tsunade. Kakashi nodded.
-Yup! Jiraiya clapped his hands, and all the flesh of the toad shrank and disappeared.
Now they faced Sasuke once again.
-BEHOLD! I'll kill each one of you, and i'll start with you, Hatake Kakashi! Before his attack he made sure Sakura was supervised by Aoda. The big purple snake surrounded Sakura which she still were unconscious.
Sasuke attacked his old master with a lightning.

Kakashi avoided Sasuke's fiery lightning attack without suffering damage. 
-Not so fast, Uchiha Sasuke!
-Fast is my middle name, so why don't you just keep your scar shut and fights me like this Shinobi you were as kid? The cold blooded Kakashi! 
-You don't wish that, you foolish kid. By the way; i'm not here to catch a fight with you, but only to stop your madness, as i think Kisame jinxed you before he died. 
-Kisami? Never heard about that name, but my brother Itachi...
Before Sasuke could finish his sentence, he were surrounded by all 5 Kage. 
-So here we stand again, eh, Sasuke, but this time you'll not escape me. Kazekage Gaara stretched out his right arm and the sand began to swirl around him. 
-And i'll plant a dreamy pink kiss on your cute curly lips if you try to do resistance, your handsome tall guy. Mizukage Mei sent him a finger kiss at the same time as she winked with an eye to him. 
-Or maybe you prefer to get your ass filled with lightning once again, Uchiha Sasuke! The Raikage´s eyes burned of anger.
-Oh, so darn big in your mouth all you Kage has become! Don't think it will become easily for you to defence me. Your turn will come. Watch me! I have this pity little girl as my hostage and...
-No longer! Kakashi  answered him quickly back. Jiraiya was holding Sakura in his arms. 
-WHY YOU! Enton: Susanoo Kagutsuchi !
-NO WAY! Kage-Kubi Shibari no Jutsu !

-NANDA? Kakashi, Jiraiya and all five Kage glared nonstop for what happened in the front of their naked eyes. Shikamaru came to rescue and got himself into a fight with his old comrade Sasuke. 
-S-stop-s-stop, i can't breathe... Sasuke tried with all power to come free from Shikamaru´s suffocating shadow. 
-Why should i? You will do no such as harm to any of my fiends or either to this village, Sasuke! Shikamaru tightened his grip. 
-We'll handle over from here! The Raikage and Mei walked against Shikamaru. 
-No, i can handle him! 
-Don't be silly, kid! The Raikage roared scandalously into the face of Sasuke. 
-He shouldn't have tried to kill some of my friends. What's wrong with him anyway? Shikamaru gave in and called the shadow back from Sasuke. Shikamaru looked at him with small dangerous eyes and down at Sasuke´s nose to chin. The blood ran faster than Sasuke could hold it back. 
-You'll pay for this, so silly of you to temp me! The eyes of Sasuke showed hate more than ever.  
-STOP, SASUKE, ENOUGH ALREADY! All looked around at the person the voice belonged.
-Stay out of this, Naruto! Kakashi walked between him and Sasuke. 
-Naruto-kun, huh!? I remember you on some how...
-We're friends and i don't want to fight you!
-Let me decide that. Susanoo: Chidori !

-There'll be no fight here! Tsutenkyaku ! Tsunade jumped up in the midair against Sasuke.
-NO! Tsunade! Jiraiya slipped Sakura and swung his long white hair to grab his love. 
-Let go of me! You humiliates me in front of the other, Jiraiya, stop!
-I don't care! He jumped away with her. 
-Hahaha! That was very fine amusement in high class! Susanoo glowed very strong with an evil smug smile. 
-Shut up, Sasuke! You're not yourself! Naruto walked against him. 
-No you shut up or i will kill you! Enton: Susanoo Kagutsuchi !
-Over my dead body! Raisuiryudan ! The Raikage yelled with full lungs. Him and Mizukage Mei attacked Sasuke in same second. 

-STOP ALL OF YOU! Can't you see what's going on! Sakura was awakened. 
-Sakura-chan, huh!? Naruto glared at her.
-He's been jinxed by Uzumaki Karin because she was jealous! Sakura yelled with full lungs. 
-No, it sounds ridiculous, it was Kisami. Kakashi crossed his arms and looked serious.
-You think that, Kakashi Sensei? This is your opinion against mine, but i know what i'm talking about. That bitch will do anything to have a crush on Sasuke, she don't care what it costs! 
-Shut your scars each one of you! Sasuke´s eyes glowed red with deep hate. The lightning shined through and he raised his arm and run against The Raikage and Mizukage. 
-STOP, SASUKE! I BEG YOU, PLEASE! She cried through and stared sharp into her lovers eyes.

Nothing could stop these three Shinobi. A tremendous bang like thunder and an enlightening sea of lightning surrounded all three.
No one could see what actually happened. They just heard a deep painful roar which belonged to the Fourth Raikage.

Chapter 10/The Five Kage/Part 3 - 

The Blindness in the inner Eye

The Raikage felt a deep pain as the sword of Sasuke´s Kusanagi had hit him. The outer part of the sword had burned through the flesh of his chest. The blood spurted out of the mouth of the Raikage. His eyes tried to get focus at Sasuke. All he could see out of his blurred eyes, was two satisfied eyes which his mouth was wide open and laughed with the most self-mocking arrogant laughter he ever had heard throughout his long Shinobi life.

Mizukage Mei gave a deep cry which sounded like a mad screaming cat. She opened her mouth wide open and glowing lava splashed into the face of Sasuke, but he managed to hide behind Susanoo. In a hurry she looked down at the Raikage. Tears flowed over as she had some hidden feelings for this strong masculine man, even she knew he only served his country and had no time for romantic in his life.
Naruto, Kakashi and Gaara reacted immediately.
-There's no way for you to escape this time, Uchiha Sasuke! Gaara´s voice sounded powerful but also very dry and deep, as he tried to hide his anger. All three of them attached Sasuke at once, but of course he knew that already. Everything glowed purple around them and Susanoo looked stronger and more powerful than ever.

-W-What the heck? Naruto and Gaara starred with blindness in long time up on it's face.
-Move on! We have no time to take a break in this situation. Kakashi yelled.
-But, what the heck happened? Naruto wanted to know.
-This is Sasuke´s perfect Susanoo and we won't confronting him and be standing here and stare like three stupid mannequins. Trust me! Kakashi was ready and removed his headband from his left eye to his forehead. His eye glowed red and the Sharingan eye stared at the enemy. In the beginning Sasuke´s target was Naruto, Kakashi and Gaara, but suddenly the giant Susanoo run over the heads of all three of them.
-NANDA!? Naruto turned around to see what happened behind him. Sasuke ran right past his three friends without notice them. His gaze was fierce and showed an indirect hatred.
-No way!

In the house of Jiraiya

-You can't keep me here like a bird in a cage, old Baka!
-Old baka, you say, huh! We're on same age, Tsunade, never ever forget that, and...
-Shut up!
-In bad mood we are, eh!
-Why do you think i'm in a bad mood, Jiraiya? I will tell you.
For the first; My Team needs me, i'm the Hokage and Uchiha Sasuke concerns under my village.
For the second; I'll beat you to one big beef, if you don't let go of me immediately!
-Why haven't you done that already for long time ago?
-BAKA! You puts me in a bad situation! I dammed love you, and i can't hit you, when you look like this, baka ya ro! Jiraiya looked at her with tenderness in his eyes.
-You mean that, Hime? He walked against her and hit her mouth with a sensual kiss.
-Stop it right here! I have no time... no time for this... she enjoyed him, but also she had strength enough to slap his one cheek.
-That hurts! He showed her a sad mouth.
-Your lessons, old Baka! When i'm done with Uchiha Sasuke and this case of mysterious, i'll show you the bed.
-Ohhhhhhh..... His eyes smiled and his mind became very dirty.
-Spare it already, old man! Let's go!

-What's going on here?
-Granny? Naruto ran to her.
-Tsunade-sama! Uchiha Sasuke is hunting ghosts now! Gaara´s face looked deadly serious.
-Ghosts, huh!?
-He's totally out of mind! Naruto starred as Sasuke´s moves. He turned around in circles like he was surrounded by something. The other friends couldn't see anything and might think that he was crazy, but his eyes showed Mangekyou.

-We have to stop this nonsense. Gaara nodded to Naruto and the other friends. They were all on Gaara´s proposals.
It was a challenge for each one of them to get through the giant Susanoo. All of them flew many meters away. Naruto kept on to get through, so he could talk some sense into Sasuke´s brain. Naruto spotted his old friend's eyes glowed red.
-What's he up to? Naruto clenched his teeth hard together and flamed yellow. Once again he was slammed back by the Susanoo.
-Enough already! Naruto changed his strategy and headed straight for the Susanoo, nothing could keep him away. A loophole was visible and he managed to get through. Sasuke had not yet seen him as something invisible caught his attention. His eyes was like in blindness.
-Nooooo... Naruto-kun!!! In same second Naruto turned round and got a view of this girl which mean everything in the world to him.
-Hi-Hinata-chan, huh!? How came you here? No, i am seeing ghosts like Sasuke, she's definitely on the hospital, it can't be...
-Naruto-kun, do not attach Uchiha-kun, he´s surrounded by some of the Akatsuki members and...
-No, they're dead, all gone!
-Yeah, but it's their spirits, believe me. Hinata ran straight to him and blocked the road and looked deep into his blue eyes.
-How it this possible? You here, and what's that nonsense about Akatsuki spirits?
-Believe me. I see them. You have to believe me. The story about me... you have to wait to get another day. She tried to smile as she was excited and happy to be with him again and in his presence.
-I believe in you and you already know that. I can wait for your story, just so... so... 
-If you start to cry, i'll hit your face, Uzumaki Naruto! 
-Make peace with Uchiha-kun and tell him, that i can see them too! 
-GO!!! His eyes popped out of his head. 
-Remember; i'm right behind to catch your back. She planted a warm kiss on his forehead. 
-I'll be your eyes. 
Naruto participated now in the fight against the old Akatsuki team, which consisted of individual members who still wouldn't give up their scrutiny of the best shinobi in this world to get power. 

Sakura was still a bit groggy. Tsunade took over and healed her. They talked about what they just had observed. 
-Sakura-chan, was it you who did this to Hyuga-san? 
-I guess it was, but...
-You did a great work. I'm proud of you as always. 
-She's my best friend, you know, and i have no doubts, I would do it for all my friends. She came up with a little smile, but inside of her she still cried over her Sasuke. 
-I see! Hmm... we need Gaara to... 
-I know it, Tsunade-sama! I know exactly what you want me to do. Gaara joined Naruto, but not alone as all their friends were there to fight against Akatsuki. All protected Sasuke´s back. 
-Don't look so worried, Sakura, he'll make it.
-Yeah, but... but what will happen to him when this is over?
-He'll certainly not die anyway, if you had that in mind. He's under my protection. 
-But, you can't decide that by yourself, you and the other Kage...
-You worry to much! Sakura started to cry in endless. 
-I know how you feel, Sakura. I've been through this too. I never thought that Jiraiya turned home alive when he was up against Akatsuki... i mean... after i lost Dan... her eyes turned sad. Suddenly she felt a hand on her one shoulder.
-I came home, Hime, because i believed that you loved me from we were young... before all this with Dan turned up. 
-Don't look so surprised! He laughed.
-How dare you! She slapped his face hard. 
-Didn't i told you to learn your lessons! 
-Why are you always like this, Hime...
-Sakura, do never let a man think he's something important to you! 
-Never! Sakura laughed through her tears. 
-Hime! Hime! Remember you promised to lead me to your b...
-Keep your big mouth shut, old man! Sakura cried of laughter. Suddenly a big crash sounded. Sasuke and Naruto was lying in the front of her with their eyes closed. But not for long with Naruto. He opened up his eyes and stared at his old friend. 
-Get up you lazy dog! 
-Don't call me that or i'll finish you off, Uzumaki Naruto. 
-Cool, you finally remember my name at last. 
-Why shouldn't i? You're the most irritating little snotty puppy i ever have been friend with.
-Maybe it's because i am your only friend, baka! 
-You're indeed conceited today but quite slow. Sasuke´s eyes turned back to normal, but stared in long time into his old rivals eyes. 
-Sasuke...kun...? He reacted impulsively by how his name was mentioned on. Sasuke looked up. He saw a pink-head girl with two big green eyes, which her tears was running in endless down over his face. 
-Why are my princess not smiling today? 
-How dare you to ask me that stupid question, when you have been away for so long!
-Away, huh!? Where am i? He tried to get on his legs, but got dizzy. 
-Take it easy, young man! Tsunade came down on squatting and lay a hand on his forehead.
-Don't touch him, Hime! 
-Yeah, Master Jiraiya is right, don't touch him, he's too dangerous. The Raikage growled.  
-Who the hell do you think i am? I can handle this. 
-We are standing together by this situation, Lady Tsunade! Onoki sounded calm or at least he tried his best. 
-What are you all fighting after? Let me give him the kiss of death. Mei pursed her lips against Sasuke.
-Shut the hell up! Sakura turned red in her face and was ready to fight Mizukage Mei. 
-Calm down every single one of you! Gaara looked on each one of them with a very strong glance in his green-blue eyes. 
-Don't send us this gaze, Kazekage Gaara. Onoki looked nervous. 
-All of you sounds like one big kindergarten. Grow up! He crossed his arms and the sand from his jar began to whirl around his head. 

-Calm down, old friend. Naruto lay a hand on Gaara´s shoulder. 
-Are you here? What happened to the last two Akatsuki members? 
-Shikamaru got them, but not without Sasuke´s help. He smiled.
-I see! Tsunade looked down at Sasuke. 
-Let's go back to Lady Tsunade's office and finish this ones for all! Raikage pointed down at the guilty one. 
-I guess it's me, even i can't remember a damned thing. 
-Guilty until the last golden words have been pronounced. I want him dead! The Raikage snorted furious. 
Why? Hinata asked as she just came back exhausted of helping Shikamaru. 
-Uchiha Sasuke pierced me with his sword. The Raikage growled. 
-Stop right there! Let's go, this shall be discussed behind closed doors. Tsunade shout out and her eyes was burning of anger. 
Sakura went down on her knees and looked deeply into the eyes of her lover. Sasuke complained a bit, but came up in her height.
-At least you're here with me and remember who i am. She cried again. Sakura took gently around Sasuke´s head with her hands and pressed his face towards hers. He closed his eyes and let her kiss him gently and very intense. He felt himself powerless in this strong girl's arms. He no longer felt any sense to kill. He was strong in mind and brave enough to hold back his tears like a true Uchiha. 

At Hokage Lady Tsunade´s Office

The Raikage kept coughing blood out. He tried to hide it, but Mei pointed out for him, that he needed Tsunade´s help. 
-Who do you think i am, huh, some weak Shinobi?! 
-Calm down and let Lady Tsunade heale you, stubborn baka! 
-Did you just called me an idiot, Mizukage Mei? 

-What's going on with the two of you? Tsunade looked with popping eyes and had already figured out her two friends. She knew Mei was in love with that strong man and his bad attitude. Tsunade giggled inside. 
-None of your business, Tsunade! Mei send her a strong gaze. 
-I see! But, Raikage-sama, you need my help no matter what you think. He gave up and let her heale him. The blood stopped to run. Again he could breathe through without pains. Mei was not late out to push away Tsunade to take care of the Raikage. 
-Oooooh! Now i have to go, Tsunade!
-Why so busy?
-I need to write something down. He laughed and looked with intense eyes at Mei and Raikage with a perverted gaze. 
-Such an old perv! Tsunade shook her head. 
The Raikage was embarrassed by Mei´s behavior in the company of the other Kage. You could see Mei was whispering something into his ears, because he turned red in his face at the same time he looked dreamy. 
-Oi! Before you leave, Jiraiya; I love you! She gave this tall man a tight hug.
-I know, Hime and i'll always be here for you. He kissed her forehead and leaved. Tsunade was standing back with starring eyes after this tall handsome man. 
-This is just too much for an old man like me!!! Raikage cried like a baby. 
-Yeah, but you're not alone, i'm right here. Mei pointed it out for him. 

These scenes touched the heart of Gaara, but he didn't showed anyone. 
-Okay, now it's enough, chick-heads and let's finish this case with Uchiha Sasuke! And you, Raikage, don't show yourself like this, so weak! Onoki spatted out on the most ironic way. 
-Did you just said that love is weak? Gaara send him a strong gaze. 
-Huh!? Suddenly Tsunade woke up and looked around her. 
-What's going on here? What are you crying for Raikage? Looks stupid!
-You and Master Jiraiya, this love, so... so swag love!! 
-Why you... pull yourself together, old baka! Tsunade´s eyes burned. 
Suddenly someone knocked at the door.
-Come in and close the door from outside! Tsunade yelled.
-But...but, Lady Tsunade, Hatake K-Kakashi is here. Lady Shizune stammered. 
-Oh, finally you here and not late this time, Kakashi. Tsunade send him a smirk smile.
-Well, as i am the Sixth Hokage, it is in my right to judge in this case too, and not to mention that Sasuke is my old student. I know him too well after all. Kakashi sent them a strong gaze. 
-Very well, if you say that. The other Kage mumbled. 
-How long time do we have to sit here? Onoki gave a deep long sigh. 
-We don't have to sit here for long! How many of you wants to see Uchiha Sasuke melt to death? Mei looked around them all with a serious glimpse in her eyes. 
-Yeah, no need to keep him alive. Raikage nodded and blinked at Mei.
-No one will die today! Kakashi began to walk among them all. 
-You own no rights to say such things, Hatake! Mei was yelling hysterical. 
-You bet i have, Mizukage Mei. Kakashi´s one eye starred at her. Shizune seemed to be very nervous and were standing behind Tsunade with Tonton. 
-Right, everyone! I agree with Kakashi and i already decided, that no one will die today or in this case, Uchiha Sasuke. Tsunade sent one of her strongest glance ever. 

-You can't mean that, Tsunade-sama!? Raikage growled deep down his belly and knocked one of his fist brutally down the table. 
-Yeah, he must die for what he tried to do with Gaara-sama and Raikage-sama, and not to mention all those people who already lost their life by his hand! Mei sounded like an angry hissing cat. 
-No, Mizukage Mei, me and Tsunade-sama, we agree with one another, and of course we have a very special punishment for Uchiha Sasuke. Kakashi crossed his arms.
-So really! What exactly? 
-We want him to take rise of Uchiha Police Station again after his father. 
-You're so much kidding us! 
-No! Kakashi looked serious. 
-Please, just listen up to Kakashi. Tsunade yelled.
-Well, you see... Sasuke can practice many skills, not to mention, that he also own many transparent Jutsu. He can be our most spectacular warrior Shinobi, this world ever have seen. Also, we're comparing his skills towards Naruto. So...
-How the hell can you compare Uchiha Sasuke with Uzumaki Naruto? Those two guys are totally different from one another! Naruto is a good guy, the best of all of us and son of the Fourth Hokage! Sasuke is an Uchiha, and all Uchiha consist of the most evil, brutish and devastating monsters in this world. We can't trust in him! Yelled Raikage, so the saliva foamed around his mouth.
-I see. So you judge all in his clan to be scum? How sad. But one thing more; We know exactly who had poisoned Sasuke´s mind. We can't judge him with our blindness. It counts in this case. Kakashi looked calm on them. 
-Shizune! Bring in Haruno Sakura!
-Hai, Tsunade-sama! 
Sakura felt nervousness, but she owned a courage so big inside her heart, even it felt like it was jumping out of her chest. She was more than ready to save the only man who truly loved her.
-Come here, Haruno-chan. Tsunade winked with her finger.
-Hokage-sama, Kazekage-sama, Mizukage-sama, Raikage-sama, Tsuchikage-sama! Sakura bowed. 
-We called you to interrogation, so you can speak for Uchiha Sasuke. Kakashi nodded at her. 
-H-Hai! She raised herself up and looked around on all the six Kage. All of the Kage looked so solemn with their big Kage hats on their heads. 
-Calm down, Sakura, calm down, everything will go to be okay...

Chapter 11/The Five Kage/Part 4 - 

Fight For Your Freedom

-Now you have the chance to save a mans life, Sakura. Tsunade came with a hidden smile.
-I... I... I love him and I... no, i meant, don't judge him to the death! He's a kind and caring guy.
-Caring guy, huh? How can you put it like this, girl? She has it from you, Lady Tsunade! Raikage growled and his eyebrows flew to his forehead of anger and pointed at her.

-That's silly! Kakashi sent him a superficial smile.
-Don't mock with me, Hatake Kakashi!
-Once again, welcome to our small but attractive kindergarten. Around the table sits a number of unruly brats. Gaara stared around on each one of them at while his eyes lightened hard through.
It made Sakura more nervous than before. She just wanted to get over this and move away with Sasuke, before Madara showed up his ugly face. Kakashi sensed her. He knew her deepest to each one of her bones. Her feelings for Sasuke had always been extremely sensitive. And now finally he confessed his feelings for her after all these years since their childhood. Of course Kakashi wanted Sasuke to get some kind of punishment, but suddenly not the death. A talented Shinobi like him, you have to search for ages. Only Itachi could surpass him. He knew after all, that Sasuke worked hard in his childhood years to be the best of best, but also he knew that, Sasuke only fought hard only to kill his brother in revenge. Kakashi had to believe that he can change or maybe he had changed a bit by bit. Maybe love was the only cure for this lost child. Kakashi removed his headband from his left eye, to get a better view. He looked deep inside Sakura's eyes. She felt it right away and stared back.
-It seems none of you fools, have observed we're dealing with a dangerous and very crafty shinobi. The Raikage was still pissed.
-Let's end this for all. It will be like Kakashi-sama suggested.

-...Hey wait! That means you'll let go of this treacherous killer machine, although I have to admit he has a sexy hot body. However, he's still a damned Uchiha! The Mizukage´s eyes became small like a cats. She licked her softly pink lips with the tip of her tongue. Raikage looked at her mouth with big wet eyes.
-You all looks like mess! As it's me, he tried to get rid of, it will be me, who has the last word in this case anyway. So, i'll support the proposal Kakashi and Lady Tsunade came up with.
-I disagree!!! He also tried to kill my brother! Raikage came back from his dream place and raised himself up with so much power, that the table crashed.
-He'll be watched night and day the first year. Kakashi commented.
-T-The first year day and n-night? You can't mean that! Sakura looked in the eye of Kakashi then Gaara.
-We offer this chance to Sasuke as the last solution of all of this complicated mess, he left behind his back. Gaara didn't blinked at all. He nodded to Kakashi as a sign. Kakashi disappeared in two minutes and came back with the guilty prisoner.
-Sasuke-kun! Sakura screamed through.
-What's he doing here? Raikage pointed.
-We want to hear Uchiha Sasuke confess his guilty conscience. Gaara nodded.
-Don't you have anything to say, Tsunade? Mei hissed at her.
-I already did. Both Hokage and the Kazekage agreed with one another. So, that's three against three, as we're six Kage in here.
-Seven Kage!
-Naruto-kun? Sakura gasped.
-Yup, i will be the 7th Hokage, right! That means my vote will count also. It will be four against three.
-NO! That doesn't count! Raikage growled right up in the face of Naruto.
-But i gave him the title this morning in all secret. Sasuke glared at his old friend with open mouth.
-Sorry, Sasuke, not this time, but...
-I don't care any longer, Naruto. It would never go with an Uchiha as Hokage. The inhabitants in the Hidden Leaf has always looked down at my clan like dangerous creatures with no heart. I guess you have deserved the title of the Hokage. Congrats! Some sad black eyes turned away from Naruto´s blue shiny eyes.
-Haha! I must laugh. To be Hokage is mostly paperwork and listen to all peoples grumbles on all strange times at the day.
-You make no sense, Tsunade-sama! Why are we here, huh? To listen to nonsense! I thought those rules we had as Kage was unbreakable, but it seems you all give a damn. Raikage raised himself over again. His eyes flashed.
-IF you crossing my paths just one single time, Uchiha Sasuke, you're so dead. I'll let this right arm of  mine go right through your heart! He turned around and walked away.
-You're so cheap, Tsunade! Mei looked at her once more time before she ran after the Raikage.
-What about you, Onoki-san? Gaara asked with a kindly voice.
-You already know you have my full support, Gaara-sama. I count on all of you. The 3rd Tsuchikage bowed his head and leaved in respect.
-You took the last step, Naruto-kun. Gaara came up with a grin.
-I guess i did, but i can't let my brother end up like this. I said so many times before; When i make a promise to those i care for, i never go back on my word, that'll always be my ninja way. Naruto wasn't smiling at all. He caressed Sakura´s cheek and gave Sasuke a friendly pat on the shoulder.
-Promise to take care of Sasuke. Naruto nodded to her.
-I do. She tried to smile through her tears.
-Dammed all of you! No one asked about my feelings, my meaning. A cold breeze blowed heavy through the room.
-Your meaning about what, Sasuke? Kakashi looked him in the eye.
-You already knows, so don't ask so foolish and cold.
-My my, here we go again. You don't own as much as a gram of rights to make such a foolish statement, Sasuke. You should be glad, that no one wants to see your head separated from your shoulders. Just to be honest with you.
-Like the hell i want to rebuild my fathers stupid policestation. Who do you think i am?
-Yes, Sasuke-kun, do as they tell you, i am begging you!
-No! None of you have any clue how it was to be me as a child. It was an eternal struggle to get my father's smallest attention. When finally he took the time to see my skills, I failed greatly. When I tried to correct my mistakes, he turned away and said these words; You will never be as talented as your brother. It made me, it .. it made me so sad ... it hurt me so badly. But he should see me today, i became one of the strongest...
-Yeah, but would you have won this abstract fight between you and your brother, if he hadn't surrendered himself in love to his beloved baby brother? Kakashi hit right through the heart of Sasuke.
-How-How can you say...
-Itachi was my friend also, just like you and Naruto. We played together as kids. Been there for me when i lost my father. In ANBU Ops, we were more than only friends, we were like brothers. We cared for one another. That is what true siblings do. You should...
-Shut up! Just keep your damn mouth closed, Sensei! You were not brothers of blood, so you don't know a damn thing to be cheated on by your own flesh and blood! I killed him. He deserved it. First he killed every single member of my clan, then he played my enemy, and in the end, he just leaved me alone in this misserable place with nothing! I am alone, lost... and...
-Shut up, Sasuke. I already told you for many years ago, i'm your friend, your brother, and i won't leave you behind. I am alone in this world too and have been that, since the first day i was born! You know that, but that doesn't give me a reason to be cruel, evil and put my friends in danger. I give it a fuck, i won't give up on you and i never had, even i think you're stubborn and deserves to be punished. I will always be here as your brother and save your ass from death over and over again.
-You really are stupid and own a very bad memory, Sasuke. But i will gladly remind you; That's because i am your friend!
-No... Sasuke turned around and walked out.
-Where do you go? Sakura yelled at him.
-Where i belong.
-Huh!? They all walked after him except from Gaara. He stayed back and closed his eyes for awhile. He needed to rest after many days with bad sleep. The silence made his eyelids fall. He slept.

Outdoor Tsunade and Sakura had a smaller discussion.

-Lady Tsunade. I can't agree with this observation of Sasuke day and night. How can we have a private life?
-What do you mean? Tsunade wriggled with the left eyebrow.
-Me and Sasuke. Well, you said i should fight for him, and i did, then...
-True! But you and him has to be separated this year, until we know we can trust in him.
-Well, i think there's no problems to be together and...
-You heard me, Sakura-chan! Her right eyebrow wriggled too, and her pupils has changed till two small eyeballs.
-Does it means we can't have a love life... um... with sex and...

Sakura screamed and run as she felt Tsunade wanted to give her a kick.
-Tsunadeeeeeee!!! Help me, Naruto!
-W-What!? Naruto was talking with Kakashi where to find Sasuke.
-Hey, Tsunade-sama, what's going on? Kakashi stared with wide open nervous eyes.
-Stupid kids! What's wrong with young people nowadays! Only thing they can think on, is sex!!!
-S-Sex!? Kakashi turned red in his face and looked quite stupid.
-Yeah, sex! I wasn't talking about you, Kakashi, i guess you never have experienced that part of your life, with only a damn romance book written by one of the most perverted playboys in this world!!! Sakura hide herself behind Naruto.
-I see. So what happened with Neji-san?
-You, you dare not mention this, Narutoooooo!
-In fact i do. No one shall put a bad word about Ero Sennin.
-What about me? Jiraiya turned up with Sasuke on his right side.
-Sasuke? Sakura run to him and hugged him tight.

-Why are you red in your face like a tomato, Hime?
-Shut up, Jiraiya! You, Kakashi, you better keep your word! Tsunade walked away with many bad words left behind her back.
-What was that all about? Jiraiya scratched his head.
-Ma, Playboy, i guess i am forced to involve you, in your nearer future. He laughed.
-Playboy, huh!? Who said that?
-Who do you think! Naruto laughed.
-Kakashi Sensei. Is it right, that me and Sasuke can't be together in a whole year?
-Ma, we'll find a solution for that. Don't look so worry.
-Thanks, Sensei. She came up with a smile.
-True, Sakura and Sasuke, but no sex! He stared into their eyes with one of his most seriously sights.
-You're kidding! Both of them showed a long face.
-Of course he do! Naruto laughed loudly through.
-One bad joke! Sasuke mumbled.
-Huh!? Sakura squeezed his hand.
-Ouch! He looked at her.
-No, Sasuke-kun. I'm yours, and i am ready, you know. She nodded to him and her face blushed.
-Only if you agree with this judgement.
-To be peeked at, at while we... no way!
-Yes, please, Sasuke... fight for your freedom. She handed him a passionate kiss.
-Be carefully, Uchiha Sasuke. Love bites! Jiraiya smiled and winked.
-In that case, i agree to be watched over in this coming year.
-A sensible move you did there, my boy. Then'll make a promise, so you and Sakura can have a private life. Who wants to watch two young people having... um... yeah... ma, come with me, you two lovebirds. Kakashi coughed innocent.
-Did you hear that, Ero Sennin! No peeking! Naruto cried out and laughed hard through. 
-Who says it has become a prohibited rule? Jiraiya came with a silly dirty smirk.

Chapter 12 - Part 1 

Love Is War

-How do you like our new home, Sasuke-kun? Sakura tried to smile.
-I don't know, this must be a challenge for me. He looked around. He wasn't happy, but he had to do this to prove, he was on the right paths. All he wanted was peace in the Shinobi world.
-I know, Sasuke. I will stay with you and support you the whole way through.
-Will your parents not feel uncomfortable to live with a boy?

She knocked her fist through the old coffee table in bamboo, so it crashed.
-Eh, Sakura... are you okay?
-My parents don't own me, i'm a grown-up woman now, so they better accept it!!!
-Ye-Yeah, i was just asking, so...
-Be quiet, Sasuke! His eyes became small, he sent her a deep dark look.
-I'll take a shower. He walked away. She looked after him with big scary eyes as his voice were deep and cold.
-S-Sorry, Sasuke-kun, it wasn't my meaning to yell at you, i mean...
-I can't hear you! He smashed the door so it gave a thrilling vibes inside her body. She knew he was angry at her. She dared not to think through to go out and visit him in the bath.
Sasuke held his head back over and let his face be washed under the water. He really tried to calm down, he had to go through this with any mistakes. He really wanted this and try to have a normal life together Sakura, but... In the middle of his thoughts, he heard a crack from the bathroom door.
-Leave already!
-But, i just want to apologize... this is your home, your parent's home, so again...
-Forget it, Sakura. He gave a deep angry sigh.
-Should i cook something? She asked nervous.
-No, i'm not hungry. He mumbled. But his stomach gave a different answer.
Sakura was disappointed. Tears showed up in her tired eyes. Even she wanted to join him, to hug him tight, kiss him tender, she wouldn't dare. She closed the bathroom door and leaved the house. There were three kilometers to the village, but she felt hungry and wanted ramen. She hadn't in mind to walk home to her parents' house. She wanted to be alone with all her bitterness. Tears flowed over her cheeks. She felt herself like a crybaby. Such foolish...

I did it again... mentioned his parents in front of him. I know how much it touches his feelings. I won't lose him for this, how can i be so selfish and disrespectful? So sorry, Sasuke... Sasuke... Sasukeeeeeeeeee...! She cried loud out through from her painful heart. She wasn't that far away from the Uchiha house, before she bumped into a not so friendly person. 

-Well, well, what do we have here? A weak little lost crying girl! A nasty deep laughter followed his words. 
-Huh!? Sakura tried to look through her tears. 
-Are we lost, eh! He stared into her eyes and came closer to her face.
-Stay away! I know who you are!
-Who I am? So now you are scared.
-No, i'm not!
-Then you should start now to fear me or maybe you prefer to be killed! 
-Get lost, Uchiha Madara! Sakura revoked her forehead mark.   
-Very brave, girl! Now you know my name, i want yours in return before you die. 
But before Sakura came with an answer, she saw how Madara´s face was bleeding. 
-How did that come from. Slowly she turned her head and saw only a fast shadow. 
-You'll not going to hit me once again, Sasuke! 
-You leave Sakura out of this! YOU HEAR ME, YOU BASTARD!
-So she can give birth to your children? I don't think so! 
-How dare you to speak like this! I'll go to protect her with my life. 
-Sure! When you're dead, no kids. That's fair! I am the true leader of the Uchiha clan. 
-Are you sure about that? As i know, you have died before and you'll go to die once more and stay in your hell.
-Oh, that wasn't nice of you to say. We are made out of the same piece. Anyway, i am immortal, and you have something i want, Sasuke!
-Yeah, and you'll never go to have it. 
-Are you sure about that, because it has belonged to me in ages. 
Sasuke felt a heavy attack and trilled meters away. 

-I AM the strongest Uchiha of the clan. He laughed. 
-In... in your dreams... Sasuke coughed blood up.
-SASUKEEEEEEE!!! Sakura cried out and bowed over him to make sure he was alright. 
-I am okay, Sakura... but now, run... run for help, get Lady Tsunade, Naruto, Kakashi Sensei, Master Jiraiya, Lord Gaara, Neji and all the other of our friends, the Shinobi reinforcement to come immediately. Hurry! He raised himself up. Until his comrades showed up, he had to try with all his powers to defeat Madara.

-Susanoo: Great Fireball Technique !!!

Sasuke yelled at full lungs. The first fireball hit Madara, so some of his hair burned. 
-You shouldn't have challenged me, little boy! I give a damn, that you are an Uchiha, only I will survive this battle. Nobody can help you out of this, and the best of all; you killed your own brother, so no problems to take you down. HA HA HA! 
-DAMARE, BAKAYAROU! YOU FILTHY SON OF A BITCH! Sasuke attacked once more. He hit Madara with full craft. Covered in blood Madara raised very slowly himself with an outrageously sadistic smile on his lips. 
-I see. Someone wants to leave this life faster, than you can say; Chidori! 
Madara came up with one of his strongest Jutsu and landed in Sasuke's blind spot. 
-Wake up, little brother!!! At the same time the five Kage, the reinforcement and all Sasuke comrades came running and surrounded Madara. In a second some unexpected happened.
-Karasu Bunshin no Jutsu !!!
Sasuke flew up in the air and transformed into Itachi´s Crow Clone Jutsu. 
-What the heck! Naruto walked against his old friend and stared up at him. 
-Genjutsu: Crow Ephemera !!! Madara began to look around him. He got very dizzy. 
-No, no, please, stop! Izuna, please! His eyes was enlarged and he had no focus or nor he could move. 
-What the heck happened? Naruto asked and looked disoriented. 
-This is not what Sasuke did, but more what his brother is doing to Madara. He's using a genjutsu on him. He's trapped and the only people he can see, is his beloved ones he cared about. Kakashi explained carefully.
-So exactly whom?
-His own family. 
-Wow, that's really nasty! Jiraiya laughed. 
-Stop this silly laugh, Jiraiya. Tsunade´s eyes sent him some lightnings.
-Whatsoever, it's Madara, who cares! 
-I didn't meant that... just forget it, you'll never be able to understand. Tsunade gave a long deep sigh and shook her head.
-Listen everyone; if this fail for Sasuke, we shall be ready for the next attack on him. Kakashi yelled. 
-Check! All yelled at once. 
-Lady Tsunade! Can you and i take the next step then? Sakura ran to her.
-I'm not sure about that, maybe we 5 Kage should take the next up. 
-Oh yeah, Hime, and that worked fine last time you tried out with Sasuke. Jiraiya came up with a smirk smile, at the same time he feared Tsunade´s burning eyes. 
-You old silly perverted toad... She lifted her right arm. Tsunade clenched her right fist and threatened to beat Jiraiya's big potato nose inside his face.
-Stop the babbling! Gaara showed his face. His eyes looked dangerous. His eyes were focused on Sasuke. 
-Daisan no Me !!!
Oh! Kakashi looked at the third eye of Gaara. It flew up in a fast speed and looked suspicious into Madara´s face. His eyes showed fear, but also hatred at the same time. 

Itachi were the strongest of the Uchiha clan and he knew. If Itachi hadn't died in protection of his younger brother, he would still have been alive, and still in death he showed tremendous strength. That's the fear Madara hided deep inside his eyeballs. 
-How long will this go on? Sakura's voice trembled. 
-I'm afraid not for long. Kakashi kept holding an eye on Sasuke. 
-What will happen then? Naruto looked at his Sensei. 
-He will certainly collapse. Yo, Naruto, try to get in contact with Itachi. 
-But why?
-Itachi goes on his own legislation now, and i can't allow that. I think he's about to take revenge on Madara from their past. Now i need you to stop it before we're loosing Sasuke.
-I've got that, Kakashi Sensei! Naruto closed his eyes and put his hands together.
Everyone could see Sasuke´s Sharingan changed. His eyes were wide open. A deep cutting scream flowed out between the lips of Sasuke. 
-SASUKEEEEE! Sakura wanted to help him.
-No, Sakura! Don't touch him! But it was too late. Sakura felt his pain right through her mark on her forehead. The pupils in her eyes got small. It looked like the spirit leaved her body. A strange dark shadow wrapped her body in dark mucus. 
-What the hell? Shikamaru and Choji looked down on her, as she fell heavy to the ground. 
-Get off! Tsunade ran over to her. 
-Don't touch her, Hime! Jiraiya yelled with full lungs. 
-I will take over here. Gaara wrapped her into his sand and flew her body to Konoha Hospital and took Lady Tsunade with him.


...To be continued...

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